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    I'm doing GCSEs in French, German and Latin. Totally, the defined vocabulary list for all of these comes to over 10,000 words altogether. Any idea as to an effective way of learning all of this vocabulary? I've already learnt a significant proportion, it's just a question now of getting it all in my head as I am aiming to get A*s in all of these languages.

    The thing is, it's very unlikely that you're going to be able to learn it all, especially if you're in year 11. The skill you'll need to build up is being able to get the gist of what a sentence is saying. I remember worrying about how I was going to learn the enormous amount of vocab for my French, German and Spanish IGCSEs but knowing every word is not at all important. As long as you can figure out the sentence meaning without knowing the vocabulary, you'll be absolutely fine. I'd go through past papers and look at vocab you don't know, they tend to (I think) like using words that can change the entire meaning of the sentence by themselves. Those are the words you need to look out for and know to get the marks.

    If you do want to learn as much of the vocab as possible, I'd suggest using quizlet/anki/flashcards etc. Do a little and often and make sure you drill in the vocab and review it.


    Search for your exam board.

    I got full UMS in my german GCSE and let me tell you that you do NOT need to know all of that vocabulary. My teacher set us some vocabulary to learn every day but to be honest i probably forgot 80% of it. I'm doing A-Level German and I advise that you download a flashcard app and type in all the vocab. Shuffle the cards so that you are not simply memorising the order (which I often found myself doing at GCSE). I have the app on my phone so if I am out I can spend 2 minutes whenever I want learning the vocabulary.

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