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Balance between strict parents, boyfriend and study? watch

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    Hi guys,

    So this has been an ongoing problem for me and I finally want to hear opinions and views on this seriously.
    I'm Asian, so my parents are quite strict as you can imagine, but they're not that extreme; they let me go out with friends, wear and buy what I like etc, but what they're very strict about is education and boys.

    Recently, I have a boyfriend who my parents might know about (not sure on this) but basically I'm having trouble coping with my parents saying that all I do is concentrate on guys and parties and everything, and they have been saying this a lot recently because I'm at the risk of getting rejections for my uni applications for Medicine. Another reason is because I had sex with another guy (my ex) and they found out and it's kind of a taboo in our culture so.. yeah. I do study a lot and I'm trying to get their trust again by doing well and securing a place at uni, but it's also taken a toll on my personal/love life. They are kind of over the sex thing but still bring it up once in a while.

    My boyfriend is very supportive and he's very good for me, but I do admit I can get distracted at times too and I can see it does affect my studies quite a lot. I do express this to him quite often, but today I've talked to him about my doubts on this relationship, and I do this quite often because I get worried from time to time (because of studies, and also thinking about our future together, maybe long-distance) and he's kind of given me time, a few weeks, for me to properly decide on breaking up with him or not; it's my decision.

    So I'm finding it really difficult to balance my studies and keep my parents happy because I really love them a lot and want them to be happy, no doubt. But my boyfriend is also honestly so sweet and leaving him would be difficult. I also have this other worry too, it's kind of stupid, but I wonder whether he is the right guy for me to spend long-term with. Obviously I'm only 18 and young and although we both want it to be a long-term serious relationship, I always have doubts on whether we can make it work with long-distance, whether we'll find other people, and whether we're really compatible for each other.
    He says that he wants to do all this with me, but I can't really convince myself to completely go forward, putting faith on a relationship that may or may not work out.

    Sorry I know this is long, but this is basically what I wanted to say, and it feels good to type it out. But can someone please give me some advice as to what to do? And can it be possible with juggling both parents, studying and having a boyfriend to wait for me?

    Thanks so much, any help is appreciated. xx
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Updated: March 21, 2016
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