What do students at Imperial College study that other colleges don't? Watch

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I recently received an A*A*A*A offer for Chemical Engineering, which is quite insane and I would imagine that most other courses are just as competitive. I've read about the huge workload and the intense competition that goes on for every major exam that takes place every two weeks.

So I have been wondering for a while. If there is such a high concentration of incredibly smart and studious people at Imperial and all of them put in a considerable amount of consistent effort, they must be learning a lot more than people from all the other unis in the UK for their course.

I don't think most people would get to experience an undergraduate program for a course in more than one uni so it's unlikely that a fair comparison can be made, but does anyone here know what students at Imperial learn that students in other colleges don't for your course? Is everything very much accelerated? Do students take more modules on average? Do they study everything to a lot more depth? Are the problem sets just generally much harder? How would an Imperial College graduate compare to who did the same undergraduate degree in another university in terms of their knowledge on the subject?


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