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How did all your exams go? watch

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    I'm meant to get 3 'A's in order to get into Oxford, but I really don't think I'll end up with those grades..

    • P3 - easy! I'll definately get an A
    • M2 - I know I made some stupid mistakes, but I think I'll still get an A
    • M3 - Messed it up completely! I'll be happy with 50%
    • Overall - With my P1, P2, and M1 marks I only really need 40% in M3, so it should be ok! I NEED an A in maths, and right now it's the one I'm most worried about!
    • Unit 1 - very easy.. although, I already have 83/90 and I don't think I would have done any better than that
    • Unit 2 - quite easy. Made some stupid mistakes though, but should still get an A
    • Unit 3 - I did medical physics, and found it stupidly easy! Practical (group 2) was good too!
    • Unit 4 - surprisingy easy! I was really pleased! Should get an A..
    • Unit 5 - not as good as unit 4 (as far as I can remember) but it still went quite well. The practical was quite good
    • Overall - I was generally really happy! They gave us nice papers this year I think I was predicted a B, but I should get an A..
    • Unit 1 - I forgot how to draw the structure of diamond (didn't revise). Otherwise, it was easy
    • Unit 2 - OK I guess :rolleyes:
    • Unit 4 - very good (I think)! Once again, I know I made some stupid mistakes, but it went quite well over all
    • Unit 5 - extremely hard!!! I fould myself putting big rings around everything, so that I could come back to them later!
    • Overall - Maybe a B.. I'll be happy with that!
    • Unit 1 - OK
    • Unit 2 - OK again
    • Unit 4 - :rolleyes: not too sure.
    • Unit 5 - didn't like it at all! There were some unfair questions
    • Overall - I got 100% in my AS and A2 courseworks, so I only need 'B's in my 4 written modules in order to get an A, but I'm still worried..!
    Anyway.. I've got 3 exams left, and am hoping they all go extremely well! How did all your exams go? I'm really dreading the day the results come out


    Hey, good luck, hope you get the grades!

    As for me, if anyone is bothered:


    P1 - Amazing!
    P2 - Near amazing!
    M1 - Bit trickier, probably making up for the really nice exams in P1 and P2. It was still alright, think I made 1/2 gay mistakes.

    Hopefully will get highish A.


    Phys 1 - Got a lowish A last time; resat this and felt I did really well.
    Phys 2 - Very nice, felt I did well.
    Phys 3 - Bit trickier, probably accounting for the easy first 2 exams. Thought I did OK; my class hated it though.


    Comp 1 - Best one, and my favourite module. Felt I did best on this.
    Comp 2 - Always a gay module, but exam turned out decent; lucky to get a decent paper. Felt I did good enough
    Comp 3 - Very gay exam, but I expected so. Felt i did enough to get a decent A overall.

    Hoping for decent A.


    Econ 1 - Best one out of three, felt I did ebst on this.
    Econ 2 - Did pretty good i felt, few more mins would have been ideal. Multi choice on this was easier than that of the first one.
    Econ 3 - Always a gay exam, but not as gay as teh mock ones we did i suppose.

    Hoping for anyway A, as i probably have to drop it anyway.

    General Studies:

    First One - Can't remember. Ahh thats it, the Mozart crap. This was boring, but at least I finished it properly and I felt I timed it really well.
    Second One - M,aths and Science paper, much better; as in, elss stupid.
    Third One - Deserves award for world's gayest exam; just waffled plenty, that's all you needed to do.

    Not really bothered at all, ditching the damn thing; guess if I got an A it would be half decent.

    I need 3 As. I really hope I get them!

    A-Level Math
    • P1 - Great! Hopefully a 100%. :eek:
    • P2 - Crap. I think I'm gonna get about 60-70%.
    • P3 - Also crap, but better than P2.
    • M1 - Fairly good. I'm hoping I get 85+%.
    • M2 - Great. Shooting for 90+%.
    • M3 - Not that bad. Hoping for 78+%.

    AS Physics
    • Unit 1 - I think I did good. I really want 90+%.
    • Unit 2 - It was really tough, but I hope I managed to get 75-85%!
    • Unit 3 - Astrophysics was OK, and Practical (G1) was good.

    AS Biology
    • Unit 1 - It wasn't too bad. Hoping for 80+%.
    • Unit 2b - It wasn't too bad either, also hoping for 80+%.
    • Unit 3 - W1 (alternative to practical) was great, but Unit 3 was terrible. I hope I manage to squeeze an 80% out of them both.

    • Methods - Really easy, hoping for 95%...
    • S1 - Not so good, a B would be ok.

    Overall probably on an A, which is good as A2 is meant to be much harder!

    • Unit 1 - Took it in Jan, got 74/90...retaking this January
    • Unit 2 - Hard!
    • Unit 3 - Hard!

    Although I should be predicted an A for A2, looking at a B for the AS.

    • Unit 1 - Easy, at leats 90%
    • Unit 2 - Even easier..., 90% again (I hope)
    • Unit 3 - Coursework, neglected it. Would be satified with a C.

    Depends on how bad the coursework is...but expecting a B.

    • Unit 1 - My worst ever performance in an exam, would be overjoyed with a D.
    • Unit 2 - Not too bad, Bish.
    • Unit 3 - Coursework - High B/Low A.

    Would have been at least a B, but now probably a D, dropping it anyway.


    P1 - Best I've ever done.
    S1 - Fine. Not as good as P1, but not far off.
    M1 - Awful Missed out 10 marks as ran out of time and it was generally ...bleurgh. Marvel at my great vocabulary.

    Should balance out to an average A.


    Unit 1 - Lovely!
    Unit 2 - Absolutely awful. By the end of revision, I really couldn't be bothered to learn all the equations so wrote 'heat under reflux' for um, everything. Well, a few of them must be right!
    Unit 3 - Not bad, I found the 3A paper better than most people. However, the practical 3B was the worst practical I've ever done.

    Dropping Chemistry so I just need to scrape an A (fingers crossed).


    Unit 1 - Wonderful.
    Unit 2 - Awful. Completely bizarre writing question in which I rambled on about irrelevant things. I wouldn't blame them if they gave me about 10/36 for one of the essays...
    Unit 3 - An excellent oral, even if I do say so myself

    Hoping for a mid A.


    Unit 1 - Perfect.
    Unit 2 - Bad. One awful question, but should have done well enough in Units 1 and 3 to cover up.
    Unit 3 - Not as good as Unit 1, but pretty good.

    A high A?

    My fate will be decided on 19th of August...*fingers crossed every day*

    Ok, here's a blow by blow for me:
    German (AQA): Oral went brilliantly, best I've ever done, reading and listening was ok, writing was pretty damn awful, maybe it'll average out, though part of me is expecting to fail I'm most worried about this one.
    Geography (Edexcel): Skills paper was really good, physical was ok, human was a bit rubbish.
    Economics (Edexcel): Best by far for me, one funny question in unit 2, but other than that, all good!
    Biology (Edexcel): Coursework was good I think, unit 1 and 2 went well, unit 3 was a ridiculous, stupid excuse for an exam!

    I might as well do mine...

    Micro - Pretty good, left 30 minutes early. Solid First hopefully.
    Macro - Very good, lovely questions; couldn't of wrote them better myself. High First.
    Econometrics - Very predictable, some easy questionsothers hard, should be a First.
    Develoment - Nightmare paper! Horrible waafle answers, could be anything from a 2.2 to a First. :confused:
    Industry - Not bad, left a bit early, understood the question, hopefully a borderline 2.1/First.
    Stats - Thank you Oxford! First.

    Political Soc - As good as can be expected. Solid 2.1, maybe low First
    Poltical theory - Bit better then above; low first, but could go either way.

    Business - Unit 2: Really well, hoping for high A; Unit 5: Average, could be between A and C; Unit 6: Hard paper, but think I did well.. B.

    ICT - Unit 1: Breezed; Unit 4: Really good exam, hoping for high A; Unit 5: Got a B last time, not sure if I improved seeing as I did hardly any revision.

    Psychology - Unit 4: Superb paper, high A hopefully; Unit 5: Hoping I did well, I know that I did a model answer, almost model answer and a good stab at approaches.

    General Studies - Unit 4 - Haha; Unit 5 - Hahaha; Unit 6 - Hahaha


    P3 - Quite easy should get above 80% that I got last time
    P5 - Very easy compared to previous papers
    P6 - 'Different' didn't go too well
    S3 - piece of pish
    M3 - piece of pish


    phy4 - ok, might get higher than i did last time
    phy5 - Very easy
    phy6 - on monday

    I've never been worried about Maths. I expect an A for both Maths.

    ARGHH. I have no idea how I'm going to do for this paper. Lit is always so unpredictable and I hate thinking about the exam afterwards. Will just have to wait for the actual results. I'm capable of getting an A, but who knows.

    Definitely an A unless I'm just deluded.

    Unsure yet again. Capable of getting an A, but it's all unpredictable, especially my Development Economics.

    General Studies

    I guess the worst scenario grades for me would be AAAABB - the 2Bs for Lit and Econs.

    Paper 1: Very well
    Paper 2: Okay, but not great

    Paper 1: Not very good
    Paper 2: Sucked
    Paper 3: Very well

    A2 LAW
    Criminal Law 1: Very well
    Criminal Law 2: Quite well
    Synoptic paper: Fairly well

    Varieties: Fairly well
    Editorial and language topic: No idea

    Criminal and Clinical: Fairly well
    Synoptic: Very well

    Man!...all of you are making me feel depressed...It looks that most of your exams went really well....lucky ppl..hope that the rest go fine for you guys as wel...Me...
    Maths, I just did S1- that was gr8! and I just need above 64% to get an A..

    Unit2: fine, but a bit tricky, should scrape into an A
    Unit3: Astro, HORRIBLE paper, I enjoyed studying it soo much and wat an ugly paper I get...
    Unit4: Tough! I remeber going back to sooo many ques during ths paper!
    Unit5: this one was better than the others..lets hope I did well!
    Only unit 6 left for tom! (fingers crossed!)


    P1 - 100%
    P2 - 99% ( messed up a sign )
    P3 - excellent ... minimum 94 %
    P4 - On tuesday
    P5 - Could have been better .. but i think i touched an A
    P6 - Tuesday


    C1 - Good
    C2 - Good
    C3 - Excellent
    C3b - BAd .... not sure of a single answer
    C4 - Not sure
    C5 - what the fuk was tht one about ?
    C6 = Great
    C6b - On tuesday


    PHY 1 - Good
    Phy 2 - Good
    PHY 3 - Excellent ... ill get a 98 or a 99
    PHY 3b - hmmmm ... mayb a low 90's

    i was only happy with maths

    however now that ive said that ive just jynxed my a level


    I truthfully think I have done badly in all of them, so I don't really deserve good marks. The worst was bio synoptic, that was a hoot!

    Seing as Baz posted his, I'll do mine.

    Core Physics 1 - Quite hard, I managed to get a speed greater than c for one question .
    Core Physics 2 - Money. Easier than any of my other exams.
    Physical Maths 1 - Not too bad. Definetly not really easy, but not extremely difficult either.
    Physical Maths 2 - Awful. Just plain sick.
    Introduction to Astrophysics - Only an hour long and had to do 1 question (out of 2), but still difficult.

    Higher English:

    Paper 1 (Close Reading): Straighforward, easier than past papers imo, no big mark questions that I screw up. Confident about it
    Paper 2 (Critical Essay): Not so happy with my short story essay, but it was alright. Drama essay was quite good but I was rushed so I missed some out.

    Providing I get a decent mark in paper 1, which I should do, I only need to get Bs in my essays to get an A, and all but two of my essays this year have been As.

    Higher Geography:
    Paper 1: First two questions were nasty, spent too long on them and it made me muck up some of the rest of the paper I'm sure of it.
    Paper 2: Physical was alright, but the human part was dodgy

    I'm worried about this one

    Higher Maths:
    Paper 1 (Non calculator): Quite easy. Hoping for at least 90%
    Paper 2 (Calculator): A bit harder. One question I just couldn't get to work, so I lost marks there. I'm pretty sure I didn't get the right answer for the integration question, but got most of the working, so I should be alright.

    Think this should be an A

    Higher Physics

    Firstly I was rather ill on the day and in floods of tears before it because of how I was feeling.
    However I think it went alright. Did it paper in a funny order but in the end there were only a few multiple choice questions I wasn't happy with. Then I just made educated guesses.

    Hopefully an A

    Higher Computing:

    First 2/3rds of the paper were alright, with the occasional nasty question and some confusing wording. Last third was rather nasty but I hopefully made it.

    AS levels

    History- very easy, i think i was the only one that thought it went well, lol. hmmmm....bit worried about that! I think i have gotten at least a B if not an A

    English lit- A bit unpredictable
    - Coursework A which is about a third of the whole mark so i think i have got at least a B

    Politics- unit 1 very easy
    - unit 2 easy
    - unit 3 easy
    - unit 4 was ok

    Media- documentary - piss take, definite A
    Moving image- very easy
    T.V and broadcast fiction- did the most crap in that! I think i was writing some crap about the Matrix:rolleyes: oh well, don't care that much about the subject really

    General studies- urgh...can't be bothered with it

    overall i think i will get As and Bs which is alright i guess...


    History: Pretty predictable as to what was going to come up - and it largely did come up . I've got a decent chance of getting 275+ on this. Early Modern was a godsend. Coursework (and, moreover, the sketchy marking of it) is the only chance of scuppering a nice A.

    English Lit: Errm, can never be predicted. I consistently do well in English but it is probably one of the most upperty-downerty subjects in existence. Apparently the marking was totally harsh this time last year, but v. lenient for the U6 January retakers - several members of the illiterati achieved comfortable A grades (from Cs and Ds!!).
    I'm hoping for (and reckon I may well have got) around 265+ UMS.

    Geography - A walk in the park, on a hot summer day, with a can of brew in one hand and a wry smile on my face (or at least it became that afterwards ). It promises to be a UMS barnstormer, so that I can relax next year: should be 285+, easily.

    Economics - Arggghh: Modules 1 + 2 fine. Though Liberace himself would have been proud of Module 3 - it was truly gay. I'm hoping for a B but wouldn't be surprised by either dropping to a C or sneaking a crafty (and undeserved) A . It needs to be a B minimum though. And if not...I'll cry!

    My A2s:

    M1 - V. good. Got a high B last time so hoping for 80+ UMS on this.
    P2 - A rockin' exam - hoping for 85%+
    P3 - Made lots of stupid mistakes, but know I got at least 60%. Also, grade boundaries should be low.

    English Lit
    Felt both papers went well, only need D/E grades on them to get an A overall.

    Unit 6 - okay-ish. Need a mid to low C grade for an A overall.

    I need AAB to meet my offer from Warwick. Only subject I'm confident about getting an A in tho is English.
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