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Am I technically bisexual? If I like anal sex? watch


    Serious answer, you're not gay if you're not attracted to men, it's as simple as that. You could be considered feminine due to it's association with feminity and taking the passive role however, which is why some would call it 'gay'.

    (Original post by whorace)
    I understood that, I consider any form of anal pretty gay tbf even if it's a girl doing it
    No celebrating International Women's Day for you.
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    (Original post by RobML)
    Are you sexually attracted to men as well as women? No? Then you're not bi.

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    Usually if anything if like a guy is admittedly better looking than me I get jealous. I don't get nervous I don't blush and I don't check guys out I have no reason to either. There's just a lack of desire with guys. And in a sense I am opposed to it personally. I don't know it just doesn't seem right for me to be like sexually interested in a guy not even talking morally just like it's basically not what I crave. I like pear shaped girls who are petit. The things I find attractive I've never seen associated with a girl. I am attracted to femininity I guess that's why.
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    (Original post by jnr15)
    I am just wondering. Like I don't like guys. But like well I'm super weird I guess. I don't like guys. But like I had something happen with an older guy and was basically raped. And I didn't like it exactly. But like I had an orgasm. And I wasn't even really mentally conscious. But I have a lot of sexual dreams but usually with women. But more often about anal sex with a woman as weird as that may sound. I don't have sex dreams with guys though. Not ones that I'd enjoy at least. So does this mean I'm bisexual or like what do you think?
    Sexuality isn't about which hole you want to stick it in. You'll find that many men enjoy anal sex with women and are straight as an arrow (although they probably won't admit they're into that). So no you're not bi.
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