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Girls has your boyfriend ever hit you? watch

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    Once whilst staying in a hotel this couple woke me up arguing when I looked out he punched her in the face. In the argument she said 'you hit me every other day'. So I kind of thought why doesn't she just leave him? Also on this programme with stacey dooley this girl who was only 17 got punched by her 23 yr old boyfriend. I kind of find it strange why they don't just dump the guy. I would never consider hitting a girl it would never even cross my mind. So has any girl here been hit by a guy before?

    My best friend (who was a guy) physically assaulted me when he found out I lost my virginity to my current partner years ago, I've mentioned it on here before but my current partner has never lifted a finger to me. We've called each other every name under the sun during an argument but never physically fought.

    My mum was physically abused by my dad for years and it is easy to say "well why don't they just leave?" when you are looking in from the outside but its not always that easy. He threatened to kill her or himself if she left and for a while, the fear of him doing something like that kept her with him in fear and eventually she got away and never looked back. Even she says that its easy to look back and say that she should have got out a lot sooner but it is hard when you are scared and also when an abusive partner manipulates you.

    It's very difficult to understand unless you're in that situation. In most cases the abuser breaks down the abused's self confidence to the extent that they believe they won't find anyone else, and the abused believes that the abuser is doing it because they love them.

    It's very difficult to walk away because the abuser makes you believe that they'll find you no matter what, and they make you feel trapped and terrified of leaving. They can make you feel like the most special person in the world, and so when they hit you you desperately want their affection again so you feel special. They also can threaten to kill or hurt themselves, so you stay because you're worried you'll be to blame if they're hurt or killed.

    Again, most people don't understand unless they've been in the same situation. (Source: personal experience)

    My mum and dad would never allow me to stay with an abusive partner. And I would probably just kick their balls and run away

    For many, it's not a simple case of just packing your bags and walking away though. Some genuinely believe that their partner loves them because one minute they'll attack and the next minute they are apologising amd saying that they love them. It's sad.
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