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What does this mean for NZ Meat industry? watch

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    first : YAY

    but in response to your Q, i think this will have little impact on NZ meat industry directly (atm) as i doubt there will be an immediate/significant change in NZ consumer habits - i.e. they're not all gunna go vegan straight away... and even if they did , it probably wouldn't make all that much difference since they export sooooo much.

    in terms of animal welfare i think nz is better than most places since so much meat is grass fed (not an expert but this is my perception) but hopefully things will get even better.


    the gov and people could actually follow through with this realisation .. i.e. you shouldn't kill or harm a sentient being therefore you shouldn't kill animals therefore you shouldn't kill eat or steal from animals therefore we are gunna shut down all the slaughterhouses and dairy farms and let all the animals back into nature therefore we need to invest in reeducating the people about nutritious plant based lifestyles and growing plant foods

    i know which one sounds best but sadly people are a$$holz

    Well I hope people won't kill spiders in their homes now since they have an apparent broad emotional spectrum.

    Wouldn't want to live there now since their medical advancement will now completely stall since I assume not to be hypocritical if they've banned scientific research using animals they'll also ban the import of any drug which has gone through animal trials? (read, every drug which exists), they'll also have to ban almost all chemicals including organic pesticides and the like (since these also go through animal trials). In fairness they could just use new chemicals/drugs without testing them and turn the human population into "guinea pigs".

    Funny if Australia followed suit, they'd destroy their own ecosystem since without culling kangaroo numbers would become totally out of control and would wreck the surrounding ecosystem.
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