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    do you agree with the view that women & men talk differently?
    And that women talk for support and men talk for status?

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    Yes, women and men talk differently! But no the second statement is sadly not true!

    I've noticed that women are more likely to use the word "like" in a sentence e.g. "It was as big as like, a house" as a way of suggesting that their sentence is roughly rather than precisely true, or "And she was like 'OMG'", to imply that they're not necessarily quoting someone verbatim, but just giving an impression of the general idea or emotion they were communicating.

    This seems to be more of an American thing, but they seem to be more likely to intone their voice at the end of certain statements to make it sound more like a question e.g. "I think he drives a Chevrolet?", suggesting that they're not entirely sure that their statement is true, and almost saying "Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong".

    Also, when typing in conversation, they often tend to repeat the letters of some words in their sentences, e.g. "You didn't do ittt", turning an accusation into more of a complaint, or "Go and get it for meee", turning a command into more of a plea or request. I suppose in normal conversation they might elongate the vowel sounds of the same words to achieve the same effect.

    Men don't seem to talk this way quite so often. I don't know if I'd call this "women talking for support and men talking for status", but I think these examples I've given all show people turning their statements into something a little less assertive and a little more submissive, or a little less confrontational and a little more agreeable.
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    (Original post by Ebwakey8)
    do you agree with the view that women & men talk differently?
    And that women talk for support and men talk for status?

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    There's a whole tranche of research that's been done on this topic. Wikipedia gives a pretty good introduction: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Language_and_gender


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