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    (Original post by cranbrook_aspie)
    It won't do any harm, it's just that it's only one week and probably isn't going to happen again so I just feel an election process is too much hassle to go through. Besides, you mods are the people who would have the authority to step in in the event of drama imo, and there;s more than one of you.
    Only The Financier has the real power round here, except Jarred etc who are higher up. The rest of us have no real authority round here; so we would only really be allowed to step in for a spam attack etc

    (Original post by adam9317)
    I didn't know which one to choose I just chose one at random, it is only a game, although sometimes some of you do tend to forget that.

    (Original post by meenu89)
    I didn't know which one to choose I just chose one at random, it is only a game, although sometimes some of you do tend to forget that.
    I think that message could apply to a lot of people!

    (Original post by adam9317)
    It is a shame that things are turning out this way; and because LP did it the other way; I might as well do it:

    Andy98 barnetlad cBay Aph cranbrook_aspie Imperion Jammy Duel Krollo Little Toy Gun LovepreetDhillon meenu89 mobbsy91 Rakas21 Saracen's Fez tengentoppa Tommy1boy

    I pose the question to you; what harm will option C do, electing a new assistant deputy speaker to the house.
    Training up the next generation of speakers.
    Ensuring that in the future, if Ray and Toronto, or their predecessors are away, we have someone experienced in charge.
    Ensuring if things get out of control in this house with a wee bit of 'drama' there is someone there with authority to step in.

    LP pleaded with people to change to option C, as he is desperate.. I'm not overly concerned about option B winning, as the Financier will do a good job- however I feel for the reasons above, that option C would be better, and I urge you to join me in this thinking
    (Original post by Jammy Duel)
    As stated earlier, it is a position that would so rarely be used it would barely be worth using and just creates more pointless bureaucracy, I would have thought you would want to minimise pointless bureaucracy, or are you going to be announcing your defection tonight? I have no issue with there being no update for a few days, nor do I have a problem with, on rare occasions, somebody who already has the necessary powers doing the updates.
    ^This basically
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    The Bs have it, the Bs have it!

    During my absences when I know the Deputy Speaker is unavailable I will instruct the Sarjeant at Arms (currently The Financier) to conduct House business.
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