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    (Original post by Frank Underwood)
    ISIS does not represent Islam
    Indeed it does not represent the whole of Islam/all Muslims

    the majority of Muslims are good people
    Very few people are inherently good or bad, we are mostly all susceptible to good/evil influences. The majority of Muslims are humane, and decent, people, in the main, for sure, but they follow a retrograde ideology, have very little in common with us, and a sizeable portion of them pose a significant threat to our safety, security, values, and way of life

    hating them is playing directly into the terrorists hands. Good job
    Again you seem to be confused. I don’t hate anyone, that is not the example of virtuous beings like Christ/Ghandi. Instead, I pity* fools

    (Original post by Frank Underwood)
    the 'rape' issues going on are vastly inflated by the conservative media
    Actually, what you find is that most of the mainstream UK conservative media has underinvestigated/underplayed the extent of sexual predation by non-Europeans in the West

    a piece of paper which blames all of your problems on "dirty dirty Muslims and refugees" sells well
    Which right-wing newspaper has described people in those terms?

    you can show me an opinion poll which says that some Muslims have favourable views of ISIS, but to be frank, I wouldn't blame them - you idiots give Muslims such a hard time for not doing enough about ISIS
    So we’re idiots for applying pressure to the community that is spawning domestic insurgency as they’ve failed to do enough to stem the tide of terror, and you sympathise with ISIS supporters on that basis? O..k

    did the American republican population condemn Dylann Roof when he murdered 9 black people? They didn't
    Not sure where you’re going with this

    when a books says outright that killing non-combatants is condemned, you can't argue with that
    "So when you meet those who disbelieve, then strike the necks until when you have subdued then bind firmly the bond"

    (Original post by Frank Underwood)
    I'm yet to see any reliable news source that shows 'rape levels soaring', they might have gone up, but they are hardly soaring
    Oh, well that’s ok then

    While you’re busy arguing the toss over semantics out of some misplaced desire to defend the indefensible, this is going on in Northern Europe..

    (Original post by Foo.mp3)

    German police reports of rapes (purple) and attacks on children (red) allegedly committed by migrants

    I think that one cause of radicalisation is hate speech directed towards Muslims and Islam
    Less dramatic/more ‘every day’ racism/bigotry and lack of attention/interest from (native) women are certainly part of the reason many young Muslims living in the West become pariahs/predators, which is regrettable; however, it is the liberal elites who must, ultimately, bear the social responsibility for this entirely predictable failure of (non-Democratically mandated) multicultural acceptance and engagement

    Beyond issues inherent in Islamic doctrine and related ethno-culture/sociological issues, the suffering of Muslims and settled inhabitants alike is essentially down to their self-serving/myopic decisions, plus the historic collusion of the establishment with radical Islam/incendiary foreign policy

    A non cucked country would use it's Army to protect it's borders, even if that means shelling illegals to prevent them from ever coming again. If you don't use force to prevent, then parasites will do everything they can to trample over and suck the life-blood of their host.

    (Original post by Peroxidation)
    You're a victim of leftist brainwashing.

    (Original post by SirMilkSheikh)
    A non cucked country would use it's Army to protect it's borders
    What do you mean "non cucked"?

    Asylum seekers should not be stopped.
    Illegal immigration must.

    (Original post by Multiculturalism)
    What do you mean "non cucked"?
    A strong country that doesn't care what others think and does what's in its best interests instead of pathetically digging itself a hole because it doesn't want to offend anyone. Like China today. Or the British empire.


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