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    I 've received all of my offers and now I am thinking about which one to firm. I really like Bath and Leeds but really don't know which one to choose.
    I would really appreciate some help if you are familiar with any of these universities.

    I would like to study in a really nice environment where I can do sports and live a healthy lifestyle, which is really important to me. I am also vegan, so it would be great to enjoy great varieties of cafes, shops.

    As for the academics, I would choose Bath but I am really interested in Nutrition, Health, Eating behaviors, disorders but I can't see these among the optional modules..
    Also I think Bath's placement year looks great, however I applied for the 3 year course because I assumed that it's easier to be offered a place..but now that i got my offer i would like to do a placement, is there any possibility for that?

    I am going to list some of the ASSUMED pros and cons based on what matters to me, so if you have any insight whether they are correct assumptions pls tell me And based on this where should I go??

    - better academics
    - more prestigious
    - beautiful environment, nice campus
    - beautiful rooms, srsly they are like hotels
    - better weather
    -very good sport facilities
    - peaceful

    - too quiet, not so great nightlife, few cafes, shops
    - expensive
    - i am offered a place for a course without placement and i cant change that
    - i can't see great variety of optional modules but i might be wrong
    - more stressful i guess

    - city life, lots of cafes, great nights, food options
    - modules for nutrition
    - seems to be more easy going, a lot more fun, bit friendlier
    - less stressful
    - cheaper
    - i can decide to go on a placement year

    - rain rain and rain, **** cold weather, grey
    - thus i am going to be depressed
    - too much of a partyplace?? full of alcoholists who aren't there to study??
    - not very motivational place to do sports

    Thanks in advance
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    (Original post by claup)
    Heya I've moved this to a more appropriate forum for you

    You may find this thread useful for any specific questions about Psychology at Bath.

    At a glance, it doesn't seem like the options at Bath that you want to see, and that it's difficult for you to switch courses to the placement one - maybe it is worth contacting [email protected] to see if you can switch courses but I am not sure how it would go.

    If you haven't already, visit both unis. (I suspect that you have though)

    and I'll just look at your cons for Bath as the pros check out.

    - too quiet, not so great nightlife, few cafes, shops

    Too quiet/not so great nightlife - I'm not sure about. There are loads of outgoing people here and a few different choices for clubs to go to at night, and the Freshers week for my year was quite good - they had Greg James and Labrynth!

    Cafes and shops, I'm not sure about.

    - expensive

    It's not exactly cheap but I'm sure with some budgeting it isn't too bad.

    - i am offered a place for a course without placement and i cant change that

    As above, it's worth askingif you can change but don' get your hopes up.

    - i can't see great variety of optional modules but i might be wrong

    Ask the psychology student

    - more stressful i guess

    It can be stressful at times, but that's uni I guess.
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