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    how do we write programs?

    Just Google your question, you'll find your answer there.

    Did u choose any specific programming language????

    Your question is vague and it would be great if you could expand on it. For now i will assume that you are wanting to get started with Java and don't know how.

    1. Choose an IDE
    An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the software that translates your code into machine code(1s and 0s). The type of translator you will need for Java development will be a compiler, from experience i would recommend downloading NetBeans as it is fairly simple to use. Eclipse is an alternative but more complex to set up.

    2. Learn the IDE controls
    To create a new project in NetBeans select File then New Project. It will generate a package (the container for all your project files) and a java class file with the same name as your project. To add classes, interfaces, enumerations and so on; go to File and select New File. If you need to know anything else then just write into google "How to X in NetBeans" where X is what you want to do.

    3. Learning time
    If you haven't got any experience in programming then starting out it is going to be rough. Start small and find plenty of examples; the best way to learn is by example. Otherwise you will find that Java has an equivalent of most predefined functions you will have worked with before and syntax will be the only thing holding you back. For either situation there are lots of tutorials online.

    Happy coding!


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