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When does a man hit his overall peak? watch

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    I think it is between 25-35. That is the time when the looks hit the prime. The gym gains, hard work and gaining money all pay off. The ceiling is high.

    If a guy wanted to, by that age if he has worked his arse off to improve all his adult life and saved/invested wisely, he can have both the fitness model physique and drive a Porsche 911. I.e. The epitome of materialism.

    Muscle mass

    Studies suggest that men lose five pounds of muscle per decade after the age of 40 due to reduced levels of human growth hormone (HGH).

    Overall, Men hit their peak muscle mass in their 30s.

    Deep Sleep

    deep sleep in men younger than age 25 represents 20% of a good night’s sleep. However, between ages 25 and 35, deep sleep drops to about 12%. After age 35, it’s 5% or less, and after the age of 50, a man’s amount of total sleep declines by 27 minutes per decade.

    Overall deep sleep is best around 20-25


    The reason most teenagers are able to eat 10 times their own weight without packing on a single pound has a lot to do with metabolism, the process of transforming food into energy. Starting at the age of 25, a person’s metabolism drops 5% every decade.

    Overall around 25 is best for metabolism

    Speed and Endurance

    aerobic capacity is your body’s ability to process oxygen, and it tends to peak during your 20s and 30s. By the time you turn 40, your capacity begins dropping by as much as 10% per decade

    Overall around 25 is best for speed and endurance too

    Overall metabolism, muscle mass and deep sleep will start going into a decrease by your mid-20s, and your bone density, cholesterol, blood pressure, and organs will all become major concerns by time you’re 50.

    Given these somewhat daunting milestones, it’s reasonable to suggest you’ll hit your physical peak between the ages of 25 and 30

    The best men I've known have all been 70+. Maybe not physically, but their ego has definitely been more in check.

    (Original post by sevva888)
    I think it is between 25-35
    Correctamundo. My personal development began to tail off in my mid-20s, although it's fair to say that this means I continue(d) to improve :beard:

    Speed in their 20s
    Strength in the 30s
    Intellectual in the 20s
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