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    I've known her for 6 years and she used to be really quirky in the best way and outgoing and fun to be around, like everyone wanted to be her friend, but then I finally got her to be my best friend after years of admiring her as a role model and now it's like she's changed in the worst ways possible.m..

    I thought we were really close and I think everyone else thinks that too and so I think she's like making me have no friends unknowingly by us spending so much time to gether, but really she hardly speaks to me, never texts me, is always on her phone when we spend time together, doesn't tell me stuff, judges me over things to my face, even when I tell her seriously that I find it offensive and she doesn't speak to anyone else and gets jealous when I do and then blanks me, like she's doing now. She just generally makes me feel sh** about myself a lot of the time, like she's either putting me down in a way when she thinks she's not doing anything wrong, like i get called a ***** in a non jokey way by her so much when I don't think I am to be honest, or she makes me feel like I'm doing stuff to hurt her by not speaking to me and looking moody, and so I feel like I've changed her to make her this person I despise most of the time, but she can still show glimmers of her old self and we only have like 6 months left together before we both go to different unis, so I don't know what to do, whether to give up or stick at it cos I feel like she's ruining me social life and my self-esteem. That's only one side to her, but it's showing more nd more frequently recently and I just don't know what to do.

    She knows I'm pissed off now bc she's the only one I ever have plans with and she's cancelled last minute 4 times now in the past month, I always have to invite myself to her house or send the first text or say the first word... But she's acting like she doesn't know why I'm annoyed, and if it's genuine, I don't know if I wanna be friends with someone that insensitive and thick to not see that. She hasn't even texted me to ask what's wrong, and I'm not up to initiate things this time.

    Also, I have 2 out of 3 lessons with her, we have study periods together, we get the bus together to and from school and she's the only person I get lunch with. Help please?! I can't go on like this!!
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    Tell her in a way thats clear and undeniable, what it is you dont like, the effect and how youd like her to change. if she doesnt listen (probably) and she makes you feel bad, then she isnt really your friend. I doubt she will be able to deal with it. be prepared to drop her slowly or completely and find new friends.

    That's a tough situation you're in, I'm sorry to hear. I really don't think it was you that changed her - how she behaves is not your fault! She sounds really unstable and unpleasant. I actually think it sounds like she has so serious issues and may be a narcissist (which is a personality disorder). If you can make other plans for some lunchtimes then that would be a good idea. If I have one word of advice it's this: don't let her bring down your self-esteem!

    You said you are going to uni soon so if you started to make new friends now then it's just a bit earlier than you would be doing that anyway. Also, it might be good to have friends in your hometown who you want to see in the holidays. Hope it works out for you
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