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Why are South Asian girls so HOT!!!! Watch

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    (Original post by tapir)
    Korean pop stars have plastic surgery, tons of makeup, and they also use Photoshop to airbrush out any imperfections. If you want to know what real Koreans look like, look at photos of North Koreans. They're too poor to afford plastic surgery. Most can't even afford anesthesia.

    You have an inferiority complex. It's obvious since you look to people who had plastic surgery for the standard of beauty. They are fake and all look the same. A lot of people think that celebrities are more attractive than normal people. Wrong. They can simply afford better make up artists than you can. Without their makeup they look like average people for the most part. Look up your favorite female celebrities from the UK or Hollywood, and type their names into google + the words "no make-up". You will see that they are fake, too. They use makeup to look perfect, but they are like everyone else.

    I suggest you read this article. It will help you understand:
    yeah. It all makes sense but, it's still hard coming to terms with how you look. Sometimes, I do actively consider going under the knife, but then I think how disappointed my parents would be, and the phrase "going under the knife" itself, scares me, and I forget it.

    I apologise if I come across as attention-seeking or drowning in my own self-pity (which I'm sure, is how I sound), I'm not usually like this. But recently, a few incidents have cemented my inferiority complex further in my brain and it's just this downward spiral which I'll never get out of. I've never had a boyfriend, never worn the clothes I want to, and recently, I've been reminded these things, as if I didn't already know them.



    (Original post by ANM775)
    She's not making things up.

    I have approached a lot of Asian girls and I would agree with those numbers.

    One thing that annoys me about Asian girls is that they don't appreciate aesthetics when they see it. I used to do better with Asian girls compared to white girls before I used to go gym. Now that i'm not in bad shape there are times I can attract really good looking white girls based on looks alone, but I cannot attract quality Asian women based solely on looks.

    If an Asian girl is checking me out, usually her facial expression looks wary like she thinks i'm a player or something. This usually puts me off her, I can't be bothered jumping through hoops trying to move to no skeptical girls. It's a shame though as typically I get on with Asians better ....

    I have noticed that my look appeals more to promiscuous looking girls than downtoearth girls ...and this I think may be why Asian girls are not that smitten over me. I can only at times attract promiscuous looking hot white girls, I cannot attract the hot downtoearth white girls
    Body type does matter in the Asian culture. Generally, it is more accepted if the guy is bigger than the woman.

    No, that person above is not true. Just butthurt and can't accept that Asian women are more open-minded.
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    (Original post by tapir)
    You want to become another race, just because you think you are homely? Trust me, not all East Asians are pretty. Many dislike their small nose and small eyes. It could be that you are depressed and have no self esteem and only THINK you are ugly. Depressed people always twist positive things into negative things. Here is a thread praising South Asians for their beauty and yet you still find something to complain about? The problem lies with your mind, not with your race.

    This is baby faced South Asian. Does she look like you?

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    Wow I totally get how the other anon user feels. It does. Heck, even my own mum calls me out on it :lol:

    So it's not to do with my mind. OP has hit the nail on the head with 'lions mane' exactly what i feel like my hair is like *sighs*
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