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Why is this considered equality? watch

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    Do feminists really think that the solution to he gender pay gap is to pay women more? Because that's what the Tour de Yorkshire race is doing. Don't think this is fair at all- men and women should earn prize money based on how many people view their races- if men's races are more popular, they are generating more interest and revenue so they should really be paid more. I don't see how paying women more money is going to help.

    What do you guys think?

    I wondered how long it would be before people simply started paying women more than men and claiming it as equality, or reparations for past oppression.

    Unfortunately entities such as multinational corporations, particularly if they are in monopoly positions, can quite happily exist at a marginal loss, either from overpaying women or hiring on gender rather than competence, for hundreds more years.

    There is plenty of room in their budgets for identitarian virtue-signalling. And they will do anything to obfuscate the real pay gap, which is between workers and C-suite executives. This pay gap is not any piddling 7%. It is 20,400% in the US.

    The beginning of this trend is all the more absurd seeing as women who entered the workforce after 1990 already get paid more per hour excluding overtime than men.
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    Its a one off. It has managed to get a lot of media attention and positive publictity for the race and its sponsors. Its good business.

    The media attention helps people noticie there is female racing and shows the organisers take it seriously. The sponsors money they can do what they like with it.

    That's bloody stupid.
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