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White people if you want to help stop homegrown terrorism, you need to beat your kids watch

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    it's undoubtedly true that white western children are the most privileged group in the world, and its this privilege that causes some of the resentment that fuels homegrown terrorism

    You have a lot of homegrown terrorists who feel hatred at the west, and when the imam says to them:

    "Khalid, we want you to strap the vest to yourself, board the train and detonate the bomb at this tube station"

    They might be angry, but then if they remembered the time when they were young and their friend Jack told them about the time when he talked back to his dad and his dad gave him a legendary ass-whooping, Khalid will think:

    "nah man, I cant do that to these people. I know what they went through during their childhood - the same bulls**t I had to go through with my crazy parents. No, they dont deserve this"

    but in reality as it is now, what Khalid will in fact remember is when Jack talked back to his his dad and his dad gave him "a timeout for 15 minutes".

    Timeout?!? What kinda parenting is that? WHAT DA F*** IS A TIMEOUT?

    KNOCKOUT!! That's what you need to give your kid if they talk back to you!

    And in conclusion, that's why white people need to beat their kids.

    Thank you for your time

    well apparently you haven't met my parents...

    I was reminded of this :rofl:

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    (Original post by nucdev)
    I was reminded of this :rofl:


    Beating your kids will help your kids relate more to their friends in the increasingly multicultural world we live in.

    Discipline Your Kids for Peace!
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