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Hi everyone!

I am an offer holder for September intake and I am currently choosing an appropriate accommodation. I am a postgraduate and I will be 20 yo at the start of the program, which means that i am looking for the hall with mix of social life and private space. I have chosen several halls, but i can't choose among them I would appreciate A LOT any information !!!

So my top preferences are:

Very beautiful building, close to LSE (10 mins) and great location. It seems to be predominately for postgraduates, which I honestly like .But I have found no information about social life there, which is VERY important for me. Can someone give me any hints please ?! Social events, parties, general atmosphere, feel of community ..?

very modern, with its own bar, restaurant and great common areas! also, I suppose it is the most 'sociable' hall, with lots of party and lots of new people.

What I don't like about Bankside is its location - 25 mins is more than 10 Also, it's 80% undergrads and I don't know how the socializing process will go.. too many people is also not an advantage( less feel of community

The best thing about this hall is its location- 5 mins to LSE!
The common room there is pretty bad .. and also I have read students' opinions , they say there is little socialization ! so my last option .
Any comments?

I am waiting for any advice!!!! I would appreciate an help a lot
thanks in advance

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