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What do you enjoy about being a single man? watch

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    From the looks of this forum i'd assume every guy who browses and surfs this site is hoping to be in a relationship?

    After being single for so long and feeling depressed i make myself feel better about reflecting on what can be seen as the advantages of being single. Hear lots of reasons why women stay single but not so much men besides the usual one night stands and flirting with everything that moves reasons. What other reasons do you enjoy about being a single man?

    I suppose I enjoy not having to be committed to any occasions and being able to spontaneously do anything and being able to focus on my career, gym regime and guitar playing more. I want a relationship sometimes but looking at all the people i know who have settled down it scares me off.

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    I don't like to be tied down. From seeing some of my mates they literally have no free time. I'm sure it's great spending time with someone but I don't think I could do it for most of the day. As an only child I have always valued my own time coupled with my conservative and private nature then having someone dictate to me would be a recipe for a disaster

    I loved my ex, I really did, I thought we would get married etc... I wouldn't say I'm ready for another relationship tbh and I don't sleep around.

    The things I've found that I enjoy about being single are: I can do what I want when I want, I can if I wanted to sleep around, I have no 'fixed' pans and that's quite nice, I can focus on my career, I can go on the long solo travel I want to go on.

    There are things I do miss, she was a nice person (apart from the near then end) so the majority of the time I enjoyed speaking to her and she was a great person to bounce ideas off. It was nice to have someone who cared for you and was romantically interested in you, someone to share your and their goals with, to explore the world with.

    I wish her the best.
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    Not having to maintain a relationship of that nature with someone I guess it's fun but hard work at the same time to keep them interested, give them attention, treat them right etc.

    focusing on prosperity and success

    I'm not single, but it didn't bother me when I was.
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