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    Any tips for having confidence?

    You shouldn't have confidence just around girls, but everyday

    The first step is to build your self esteem. Be happy with who you are and never try to change yourself! This will attract girls with similar interests and make interacting with them easier. Next, when you speak with a girl, take control of the conversation. Most girls (from the mean snobby ones to the quiet shy ones) will always respond back no matter what (unless they feel threatened). Just be relaxed, ask questions about them, and get them talking.

    What do I find enjoyable when it comes to just chatting?
    Well, coming from an 18 year old American girl, this may or may not help you, hahahaxD Anyways, whenever a guy talks to me, I like talking about books/manga, anime, video games, politics, whatever's going on at school, our mutual friends, and if we're good friends, our personal lives.

    Usually when a guy wants my number, when we near the end of our conversation he'll say something like, "I don't think I have your number..." or "I really liked talking to you, do you think we can talk again? Here's my number..."

    If a girls not interested, she won't text back. Or give you a fake number (or maybe that's just me lol).
    Good luck!

    When you're just building confidence in the beginning in talking to girls its good to have common ground. That way even if talking about 'safe topics' like weekends, school events and compliments goes wrong somehow, you can turn it back to failsafe topics.

    Eg you posted you take

    English Literature
    English Language
    Triple Science

    Have you tried talking to girls about the lessons/homework first before progressing to opinions on those?

    You can branch off there into their interests next and then link to when they first started liking it and just continue branching off and talking from there.

    At the end of the day, you need to understand they're still girls not gods so they will still get nervous etc it's not like a massive ordeal to talk to them just maybe build a picture in your head of you guys conversing well to have an optimistic mindset then just throw yourself in there

    If you never try, youll never know

    Also HUMOUR, use that! Just slip in jokes that are relevant and suitable eg relating to the current news, good puns, making fun of teachers etc

    Finally you said you enjoy philosophical concepts so if you found a girl who does as well, it will be easier to talk to them too

    Hope I helped
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