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    By chance a Tibetan Buddhist monk was staying in the same room as me when I was at a youth hostel in Cologne a few years ago.
    I was making my way back to the U.K after a festival in Croatia where I had not seen much sleep, so I was just trying to catch up on a bit of shut-eye when he walked in the room. We introduced ourselves and after a few minutes of chit-chat we, inevitably, got onto the subject of Buddhism. We talked about ignorance and the origins of suffering, meditation techniques, attachment and liberation.
    It's one thing reading up on this sort of thing but seeing the manifestation of its practices in person was pretty special; he was so calm and thoughtful, letting no thought take hold of him. His focus was intense, like he could see my character and understood, yet there was an understated joy gently glowing from within.
    This conversation came after a couple of tumultuous years for me and it had the effect of a reset button. All the bs that I had been holding, all the grudges and hatred melted away. In the space of a two hour conversation my outlook was changed forever.

    Not really the best but it was so random and ridiculous. A passionate 2 hour debate about whether teleporting would the current you and create a new you in another location. It went from a simple conversation to shouting and books being launched at each other lmao.

    Imo the only difference between theoretical teleportation and instant cloning ( where every atom and memory is identical) is that with the latter, the original copy isn't immidiately destroyed lol. It's not like your concious would fly away and combines with the new you. You'd have died but no one would be able to tell

    When I talked for the first time ever (and in person, something I would never do) about my family's problems with a friend I've known for about 14 years. It's really important to me.

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    I've had loads of great conversations but in my recent memory it was a phone call with another TSR user.

    I went on a trip to the supermarket and we spoke over the phone in my car and I was just smiling and laughing the whole way. We talked about life, work, relationships, the past, the future, everything.

    He told me he was driving as well and we both ended up taking detours because we wanted to keep talking. Then in the supermarket I spent about an hour wandering aimlessly around aisles just chatting rubbish with him and got to the end and had like 2 things in my basket.

    I spoke with him still as I went through self service and then continued talking on the drive back.

    Yknow those conversations which have a bit of everything? And you smile loads and time goes so fast and you actually have to consciously rap it up...it was like that. I love his voice as well which makes it so easy to talk endlessly with him
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