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Standard accommodation - Furness or Bowland?

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You see they've let so many second years stay on campus this year that people who come through clearing arnt gonna get a place I heard!!! Its all about Furness and Fylde....
Student in the Laboratory, Lancaster University
Lancaster University
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tom!! shut up with that rumour!!
they put a cap on the amount of 2nd and 3rd years living in accomodation like fylde so that there would be rooms for people like you. i think i know which flat i'm freshers rep for next year.. but i'm telling you incase you don't get fylde.
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Its all about Furness and Fylde....

Fylde first, then Furness!
Fylde don't have any standard accomodation.
When do people get to pick their college anyway? I'm doing Scottish Higher and I've just finished all of my exam. I put Lancs as my firm and Glasgow Uni as insurance although Lancs offer was lower than

Went to the open day today and well... it was ok... some of the 60s designed buildings were a bit of an eyesore though and a couple of the residential blocks even look like blocks of lego...rofl...

Which college looks the best?
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Which college looks the best?

The one with biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig breasts!
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you leave my lego blocks alone!! the blue ones are fylde and we love our lego block houses!!

fylde is still the best lol
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Fylde? I always thought it was SW campus that looked like legoland.
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I thin its SW that looks like legoland... apart from different parts of legoland look slightly different.. not down here!
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I thin its SW that looks like legoland... apart from different parts of legoland look slightly different.. not down here!

haha. I must admit I had a drunken wander through SW campus last friday at about 3:30 in the morning after i had to get off the bus a bit early (:redface:) and I did get a bit lost. Eventually made it back out to the perimeter road and staggered round back to Bowland the long way :biggrin:
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lol o dear, thats a fair trek anyway you go, but ye its pretty easy to get lost down here! My mate got lost going back to our house, she has lived there for 2 terms but had a couple of drinks and got compeltely lost!
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So your not gonna tell me which corridor your on untill you no which college I'm in Flossy?! :frown: If I do get you it'll be, as we say down south "bare jokes safe!". :biggrin:
Why have I not received letter about choice of college. arghhh...i'll be going abroad in June and won't be back until like September...
Ah man i always thought SW was out of the Truman Show, it seems real superficial, like a holiday complex.

Im gonna put on my application that when i visited lancaster i felt much more at home in central, and i have been twice. hopefully that will deter them from putting me SW.

The applications should be coming soon right?
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shouldn't be long now guys. the envelope is marked lancaster university so as long as your parents know what you want vertical force they can fill it in for you. it's basically en-suite/standard, long/short let, resnet/no resnet. oh and preference of colleges (1st and 2nd).. give them all that info and they'll sort it out for you xx
There's smoking/non-smoking, and whether you want a bedding pack or not too :smile:
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My exams are about to start hardcore I got 4 on Wednesday!!! LAME!!! Accomodation pack should hurry up and cheer me up really....
Tom i have 4 on wednesday too... which ones?
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ahhhhh 3 chemistry's and one physics? Its like 5 hours worth of exams! Ahhhh i might just crawl into a hole and suck my toes or something....
I think I have two chemistry two history... but i can't find my timetable :s-smilie:

I have 16 in 9 days, spread over 3 weeks.. And the weather is suddenly really nice :frown: