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Standard accommodation - Furness or Bowland?

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That means u get to commit social suicide next year for the exams as well! :tongue:

I won't fail! Haha.

(Thats my Positive Mental Attitude).
Student in the Laboratory, Lancaster University
Lancaster University
at least someone is beeing positive, im bricking my pants over my exams and getting into lancaster
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Here Here to Ryans comment!
true though, i have never been so stressed in my life! im loosing alot of sleep over it
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arrr matey it'll be worth it in the end. it aint gonna last for ever.
i know, ive done all my easy exams now i have got 4 exams left and they are solid, revision is pissing me off as well
I have ALL my exams left, all 7 of them :frown: They start tomorrow!
well all we can do is our best and wish each other good luk and hope we all get in!
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ive still got 10 exams left i have 2 tomorrow and 2 on friday!!! and ive been revising hard but i still don't feel good :s-smilie:
i have been revising 2 day and its just not going in! ya should be alright tom, postive attitude thats what ya need, ask lauren for some. lol
*sends telepathic PMA waves to Tom boy* Confidence!!

I have 1 tomorrow and 2 on Friday! Tomorrows isn't important though. I'm a little (read as: MASSIVELY!) worried about Fridays exams though :frown:
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I'm gonna make you all massively jealous by saying that my exams finished on 4th May and i've just finished all coursework till i start again in October:p:
Oh you tart.
Hahah, I haaaaate exams so much :frown:
your not the only one, its the thought of not knowing how ya did is the factor that kills me
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Ahhh your lame....very lame...
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Dan thats uncalled for man!