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I would liike to have suggestions about my letter of motivation. Below, there are criteria: "In terms of motivation, selection will be based on how well the following points are developed in your letter:
  • Why do you want to study Management of International Social Challenges at Erasmus University Rotterdam?
  • Why opt for studying Management of International Social Challenges in English and in an international environment?
  • Demonstrate international orientation and experiences through your CV/ life story/ interests."

Letter of motivation
Jérémy MFOUNDOUJune 6th, 1997
Dear Sir and Madam,
I am writing to applyfor the BSc in Management of International Social Challenges programme atErasmus University Rotterdam in September 2016.My name isJérémy, I am 18 years old. I was born in Paris and raised in a small town namedBruyères sur Oise sixty-four kilometers far north from Paris. I am French andCongolese. My father is from Congo and my mother is from the DR Congo. I travelledmany times in my whole life. I took part in severalschool trips to Spain, Italia. I travelled many times to Belgium, Germany and Congo. Somemembers of my family live in Belgium. I go to Belgium twice a year. I visitedGermany during my holidays in 2006 and 2007. I could practice English. Congo isfather’s born country, I visited it once in February 2012. It was a greatexperience, I discovered father’s culture and his country. These experiences allowme to meet people who are different of me. France is amulticultural country, I have grown with people who had a different culture ofmine. They practiced a different religion and culture. That made me a betterhuman-being. In my opinion living with people who are from a different countrycan make me better. As you can see I have been used to living in amulticultural environment. I havechosen this programme because it’s a multi-disciplinary program which involveseconomics, political science, and international law. By taking aninterdisciplinary approach I hope to gain a well-developed view. In mysecondary school, I am used to studying different subjects such as economicsand sociology, math, history, geography. These subjects are always interestedme, your programme allow me to study it during my studies. I would like to workfor European Commission or UN and in the future become President of EuropeanCommission or Secretary-General of UN. I would like to do this because I would liketo be a Politician whose decisions would have an impact on the world.Studyingin English would give me the opportunity to practice the language in bothacademic and professional settings. In my opinion, English is a universallanguage, it allows to speak with anybody. This language is used in internationalorganizations. Furthermore, according to me, The Netherlands and Rotterdam are a goodplace to study. The Netherlands have always interested me due to itsmulticultural society. Your university has outstanding facilities which provideto their students a stimulating environment. Therefore, the university has ahigh percentage of international students. I prefer to be among internationalstudents because it allows me to meet people from different countries.Moreover, your educational method of problem based-learning is attractive forme. Applying academic knowledge to concrete cases allow to me tostudy more effectively. Thank you for considering myapplication. I would be very pleased to be enrolled for September.

Sincerely yours,JérémyMFOUNDOU �K��a
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Hey Jeremy just wanted to let you know of the Erasmus Universite reddit I created this weekend:

Check it out we have 45 students already!

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