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    (Original post by Maker)
    I am a great believer in learning from your own mistakes. Despite what other people say, some people will never listen to good advice and do things that will hurt them.

    The OP seems to be one of these niave people who gets taken in with a sob story and gets the run around for a while before her eyes open to what is really going on if she is lucky. I see no point in advising her against getting into a relationship with her friend because she has already been taken in by him and defending and making excuses for his behavior.

    I expect another post from the OP in a few months whining about how her BF is taking drugs, getting drunk and messing with other girls blah blah blah. If she is unlucky, she might end up with a drug habit herself or a few STDs.
    Before I admit I was trying to justify his behaviours because subconsciously I probably didn't want to believe my first crush/love (whatever it is) is like this and I was seeing him from a rose tinted view because of my feelings. But also after getting many disapproval from MANY people here, I still decided to voice my inner thoughts of him so I can test whether what I'm thinking of him is actually rose tinted or not.

    After reading the articles that 999tigger posted from the victims whose partners were drug addicts and alcoholics, I've noticed that my guy friend displayed some of their characteristics. It also made me look at his other behaviours and comments which I saw isn't what I would want in a partner.

    If you read my previous posts on this page. You would see that I took everyone's advice on board as I rejected him and would never consider him either.

    (Original post by LonelyDemon)
    The alcohol and drugs can definetly cause it. I use to do heroine years ago, it made made blurt out stuff that's in my mind that you would keep to myself normally. What ever depressing him to do can cause him to get angry and being on drugs you don't think of the consequences of your actions. Some men find it very hard to open up and get bad aniexty, it's more common for men to abuse their bodies then women so make sure you talk to him but gets across that someone cares about him, it only takes one person, do it now before it gets worse as he may overdose or suicide. With my experience I felt like I wasn't good enough for any girl but it was actually girls that got me out of it, honestly having female support really helps a man. If he fails to impress girls romantically or sexually even relationships with his mother can help. It's hard to say without knowing him but understand why he's angry instead or being angry back.
    From what you said it doesn't seem like it could cause confusion over your past events but rather it makes you reveal stuff you normally wouldn't. While he was drunk and high, he told me that he was dating a girl while trying to pursue someone at the same time, so I do not want to risk getting hurt since he seems like a player. And denied it when he sobered up.

    Although I confirmed that I do not want to get involved with him anymore. I will take on what you said and will try to support him as a friend.
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