Eligibility (EU student) after going to University for two semester

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Hello there!
I have an urgent question regarding my eligibility. A bit about my situation: I'm a student from Germany and I'm going to graduate from high school this July. I already got a conditional offer from a scottish university for 2017. I wanted to take a gap year, but some things happened and now I don't know what to do next year, so I thought about enrolling in a german university for one year to keep the child allowance, which the german state provides (I have to do something educational to keep the allowance).
I didn't really find any information about this topic (or I just overlooked it), only this sentence (which confuses me extremely): "If you did a degree, but did not graduate with adegree qualification, you can apply for support for an HN or degree level course." (from the SAAS brochure about previous study) Does the part "If you did a degree, but did not graduate with a degree qualification" inlcudes my (described) situation? Or do I have to graduate (even without a degree) to fall into that category?
I'm really confused and I don't know what to do - it would be really nice if someone could help me!
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I have a similar situation because I'm an EU national which means that my tuition fees would be covered by the Scottish Government. However, I have previously attended a higher education course in Poland. I have completed the second year of a 3,5 -year degree. My third year is still incomplete. Therefore, I'm not holding a degree. I've read the SAAS website, but what I don't understand is whether the fact that I have previously been in a uni before or the fact that I'm not holding a degree, matters more. I am curious about amount of years which they could cover for me in fact.

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