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    I'm having a LOT of issues with my housemates and I'm looking for pretty my any advice on how to deal with it all! I sure a house with my boyfriend of three years and 3 other people. We moved in last August and it's been getting worse and worse ever since. They are really loud at night and in the early hours of the morning, and I have to live downstairs (due to a health condition) so I can hear them all the time. I have invested in earplugs etc but they only drown out some of the noise. They do washing up at 2am some nights (me and my boyfriend are in the room next to the kitchen) and despite asking them to be quieter, they refuse and carry on. Yet I've been yelled at for making noise at 11.30pm or 8am before. They deliberately use my things and eat my food but then have a go at me when I say anything about it. They've destroyed quite a few things that are mine or I've paid for and not apologised. They don't lock the front door at night and smoke inside communal rooms in the house (when we've asked them to at least do it in the doorway).
    But the main issue is money (isn't it always?!)
    We split everything 5 ways, as even though me and my boyfriend share the downstairs room and obviously cook dinner together etc, we do have a box room upstairs too and we are two separate people so we think it's fair that we pay as though we aren't a couple. However, my housemates keep arguing that because we are a couple, we shouldn't get a fifth of all communal space (cupboards, drawers, fridges etc). Since we pay 2 fifths of the rent and 2 fifths of all bills, I think that it's fair we get to use two fifths of the cupboards etc. To try and reduce arguments, we bought some cupboards and a mini fridge ourselves so we would have he smaller shelves etc, but they are now saying shouldn't get any of the space because we have bought our own cupboards...
    Also, we have three toilets and two showers, so me and my boyfriend share a toilet and shower, the two boys have a shower and toilet, the other girl has her own toilet and shares mine and my boyfriends shower. Our other three housemates pay together for toilet roll, soap, bleach etc, but me and my boyfriend pay for our own toilet and that's all as we don't use the other two (they're upstairs and I can't get upstairs). Our housemates are now using our toilet regularly, but refuse to pay towards it and moan when we run out of toilet roll etc (even when we were both away and had left 8 rolls there). Also, they won't pay towards cleaning supplies on the basis that they don't do any house cleaning, I have to do it all. And they are insistent that I should pay more towards all bills as I have a bath once a month (again - due to my health condition), I use a tumble dryer (so does everyone else, and they do more loads than me) and because sometimes my showers last 20minutes due to not be I able to move much (health condition once again). They lived with my last year so they knew that all this would be happening but never bought it up before.
    The two boys have now moved their girlfriends in, but they aren't contributing towards any rent or bills and they have all of their stuff here, meaning we can't even use our lounge currently. They use our shower and bathroom and are now taking up our fridge space and cupboard space. They have also bought a pet with them (which is against our tenancy agreement - as is them living here).
    I'm not sure what to do as they wont listen to me or my boyfriend at all when we ask them - whether we're mean or nice or what.

    Getting me down so much, I'm currently on a university placement for four months as well as keeping a job to pay for the increased bills so I'm working 7days a week, for at least 8 hours a day. I'm barely sleeping and because I'm disabled, all the stress, lack of sleep and work means I'm in masses of pain all the time. The doctors are worried that I will end up in a wheelchair.

    I can't leave the tenancy until June (me and my boyfriend will be moving in together alone!) maybe this is just a bit of a rant but I wondered if anyone knew of any tips - maybe even for how to cope with this stress etc?! I'm desperate to try anything really!

    Frankly you live with selfish despicable people. The situation will only be solved if they not only see themselves for what they are, but care. Selfish people who act like that tend not to care about anyone but themselves so I highly doubt they will change.

    I agree with Sophie - they won't change. All you can do is look ahead. I suggest you start counting the weeks - and it is only a matter of weeks - until you're free of them. That time will fly by and you'll be out of there before you know it. This time next year, your current predicament will just be a nasty memory.

    You *will* get through this. It is a finite experience and you know the date on which things will get better. Keep your chin up and just keep going as best you can. Your time with these idiots will be behind you very soon now.


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