I don't know which political party I support Watch

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I'm almost old enough to vote, and I've been trying to research into what previous parties were like etc but It's still a bit confusing. Could someone dumb down all the main ones?

I've taken quizzes and things but I seem to get the same score for all of them, meaning I support certain things from each party.

I (think) I agree with conservative ideology, but not the current UK conservative party. Especially with all the changes they're making to education and education fees. I feel pressured to choose between Labour and Conservative since no one votes for the others. My family are by no means rich, but they work hard and have possibly more than the average family in assets, so we don't fall into any of the extremes. The conservatives laws for the rich people don't benefit us, but I also am very against the abuse and lenience of the benefits system which is why I'm not keen on labour. I don't want a government that makes it easy for people to just have a baby for a council house and leech off others hard work.
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I'm in a similar situation. I sympahise with all the parties on some things but strongly oppose them in others.

What I would say is that you shouldn't ignore the smaller parties because "no one votes for them". It is exactly that sort of attitude that stops these parties from growing enough to have influence - it's a bit of a self fulfilling prohpecy, if that's the right phrase. If everyone voted purely based on who they support, smaller parties would grow and be able to pressure the government and the other parties. If you find a smaller party that you find yourself agreeing with on many things, don't be afraid to support and vote for them just because they're smaller.

Tactical voting is a waste of a vote in my opinion.

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