Genes and hormones affecting gender development.....

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Hey guys, I'm currently rewriting an essay -I got full marks in A01 but my A02 needs a lot of work!! the essay is on genes and hormones on gender development and was wondering if this structure and content is enough? What studies would you guys include? Heres what I plan to talk about for the AO2. Are these studies good to talk about? My teacher usually says do 2 support and 1 against.. Thanks for any advice/feedback in advance :-)
-Money supports the role of biological factors in gender development as Reimer reverted to a boy -talk about how its a case study unreliable, cant generalise 2 wider population -
Gechwind et al suggests that hormones affect sex differences. Male brains are prenatally exposed to testosterone, more masculine gender development... This may explain y reimer felt he was a boy However there is not always a link between genetic sex and the same gender development e.g. CAH patients have intersexed conditions- genitalia doesn't match sex Against this tho-

Imperato-McGinley studied intersexed conditions in the batistaa family and they changed to a boy Finally talk about the nature vs nurture debate...

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