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    Going to be a qualified nurse in 6 months, and i'm ******** MYSELF! Any one else feel/felt like they aren't ready for it!!

    (Original post by Tackle19)
    Going to be a qualified nurse in 6 months, and i'm ******** MYSELF! Any one else feel/felt like they aren't ready for it!!
    I've been qualified 6 months. You're definitely not the only one who is/was scared about qualifying and suddenly being part of the staffing numbers and responsible for your own patients etc!!

    I was pretty nervous at first, but to be honest, I have found the transition OK, but I know others on my ward have struggled. I think the reasons for this are various, and some inside of work and some out. It probably also comes down to personality and the resilience we all do or don't have to various situations.

    My initial advice would be to take advantage of your supernumerary period. Get to know the area you will be working in, and start taking a few patients under minimal supervision from one of the more experienced nurses during this time. This will help you to start learning how to manage a patient workload and prioritising care, both of which are really key skills.

    Other things I'd say:

    - ALWAYS ask/check the BNFC/policy etc if you're not sure, and ask for help when you need it. It's much better to check (Possibly even looking stupid in the process) than it is to make a mistake. If the team you are working in are good, they will never mind you asking questions. Do trust in what you know, as well though. Be confident. You will have learnt a massive amount over 3 hard years of studying.

    - Learn the 'logistics' fast. The less time you spend wandering around trying to find a piece of equipment or a bleep number, the more time you'll have to spend on patient care. I have a little notebook in my pocket with key phone/bleep numbers in - I'd recommend this as it saves me going looking for the ward phone book.

    - Learn how the off duty works. At my workplace we use an online system to request our shifts and days off. I didn't properly learn how to use this until after about 3 months, meaning my first 3 months of shifts were not great, as I was just filling the shifts everyone else didn't want to do. Now I know how the system works, I can "play" it to my advantage, and 9 times out of 10, I get the shifts I want to work. This has a massive impact on my life outside of work, which is really important.

    - Be organised. We have "Daily worksheets" in our paperwork drawers. They're simply a table with columns on, and times down one side, so you can write in what time your obs, meds, feeds etc are due. Loads of the nurses I work with use them, even the experienced ones. Others don't write anything down. Find what works for you during that supernumerary period, if you don't already know.

    I won't lie and tell you absolutely every shift will be OK, because that simply isn't true unfortunately. There are some awful days. But stay calm, don't "Flap", prioritise care, and ask for help and you will be fine

    Good luck!

    I don't think you can ever feel ready!!! I've been qualified for 4 years now and I am a Ward Sister. I never once in a million years thought I would ever make a Ward Sister let alone achieve it in 3 years post qualification! I have just been offered a new job and absolutely pooping my pants. It doesn't matter how experienced you are, you never feel ready and you still feel just as nervous as the first day of your first job!

    The transition can be difficult but it doesn't have to be painful. I would advise applying for a job that has a well structured preceptorship for newly qualified nurses. Some Trusts let you apply to the ward directly when you are NQ but I have heard that their preceptorship packages are not well organised and NQ can be taken advantage of and feel unsupported. Well structured preceptorships give you a month of supernumerary status, ongoing training and development and if you have a problem then you are usually able to voice it.
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