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Only rich people have MacBooks watch


    (Original post by Fadel)
    In the end, you're buying a laptop purely for its cosmetics. You can surf web and do basic stuff but anything that requires processing power the mac will struggle to other laptops at the same price point. This means that it's efficiency is low because the hardware the Mac comes with does not sustain with the price. If you take a Macintosh (no the laptop) with similar specs. as a PC, you will find it much much more expensive. So to answer this thread, yes a Mac costs more than other brands for the same amount of work that could be done. It doesn't mean you have to be rich to buy it, but assuming that you can find enough money to buy something that another thing can do the same but cheaper we consider the person rich.
    Yes, cosmetics and all the other things I mentioned, and some things I didn't mention, including storage and performance -- I generally just do basic stuff on my MBA, but I can do it in a giant pile of tabs and windows without having to wait more than a moment for things to load, which is important to me.

    Not that I think cosmetics as a point should always be written off. There's no other context in which taking cosmetics into account is viewed as so laughable. People don't go around laughing at people for having paid an extra bit of money for a pretty car when they could have got a less pretty one with the same performance for less money, or for having paid extra for a house with a nicer garden. Nor does it make sense to regard this one factor as the benchmark for 'being rich'.

    To be honest, when self-proclaimed techies go on these rants they just show their total inability to comprehend the needs and expectations of ordinary consumers, which might be part of why (a) apple is doing such a good job at claiming market share and (b) most such techies are commenting as end users rather than as Microsoft employees. You can go on until you're blue in the face about performance on paper but normal people are not exclusively thinking about that.

    (Original post by TSRFT8)
    Working Class Student - "my parents can afford to help me at university" - Gets £8,200 - *Buys Mac-book* - "We need it to do our work"
    Loool that's not how it is babe you know nothing about the working class. When your mother ever makes the regretful decision to reproduce please inform me so I can order an instruction manual on " how to raise children". You wench

    of course not, MacBooks hardly cost the earth!

    (Original post by Orange s0da)
    I'm poor because i bought a macbok
    Exactly what I was gonna say, that its actually people who cant afford them without consequence who get them. Which is why I buy just as nice equipment for half the price like Lenovo and Android.
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