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Aston Vs Qmul

Which One Is Better In Terms Of Job Prospects In Uk,coz I Am An International Student,i Want Value For Money.

Option1-msc Finance And Investment At Qmul
Option2-msc Accounting And Finance At Aston B School.

Any Opinions,ideas,viewpoints.
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Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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ABS is ranked betted, and is triple accredited, rated very highly by employers - I'm certainly happy about my employability after going there.
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Aston is a very good University and if you're doing something like Business then you're in good stead for a respected management job.
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Aston Business School definitely had a better reputaion than QMUL, not forgetting the living costs. Its much cheaper in Aston. aston is also much smaller giving a more community feel. Everyone has also been very friendly and helpful at aston whenever I went to visit. so yeah, aston anytime =)
The way I see it Aston is in a different league to QMUL, Especially for business, all QMUL really got going for it is the Uni of London affiliation.
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Which gives it a lot more rep.
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well but aston also has got a Top b school,dont know abt QMUL B SCHOOL.
University of London is losing alot of prestige now, ever since Imperial College became an independent university. Aston Bus School is much better. As mentioned it is in a completely different league.
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I'm from Australia and I know little about universities in the UK. I've heard good things of Aston, I've not heard of QMUL. I guess if you're going to base it upon international reputation (which being an international student I imagine that you will want to work in other countries as well) you should go for Aston.