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    it's end of first year now- I've been living at halls this year but have to move back home for financial reasons.

    I've managed to meet a few people who I can go out with sometimes. but I have to ask them if I can join for pre drinks and ask them when they're going out and they always change their plans last minute without letting me know so it's really difficult. I really enjoy clubbing and stuff but next year I don't know what I'll do. I have no best friends who I can call up or anyone who'd let me crash at theirs afterwards. I have no one who I can call up for a chat or get a coffee with.

    The friendships that I have rn are all very superficial. The only close friend I had was my boyfriend of three years who I just had to break up with because he wants to be single.

    I just feel like I have no one and even though I've joined societies and gone to lots of events and met so many people, I don't fit into any of the friend groups that have formed. The people on my course work extremely hard and don't like to go out and it's just a very lonely and depressing first year for me and I get anxiety thinking about how much worse it could get next year. I know I sound defeatist but I just really want some advice


    I'm very much in the exact same situation as you. Also coming towards the end of my first year of uni, and all the friendships I've had have been quite 'superficial'. My social anxiety is pretty bad and I've tried to talk to people on my course but they don't even attempt to hold a conversation with me I only do pre-drinks with flatmates, and I've been clubbing several times but I genuinely don't enjoy it, nor do I like getting drunk tbh. So I guess we differ in that regard.

    I do understand your crippling loneliness because I'm dealing with it too, and I think it's really good you joined societies - it's not your fault you don't fit in with those people. Are there any sports you're passionate about? Perhaps you could meet people through that. If the loneliness gets really bad, try making use of your counselling services at your uni. It's always nice to have someone to talk to. I wish I could offer you better advice... personally I'm trying to get a 2:1 this year to transfer to a different uni in September (I already have the offer). Also, sorry to hear about you and your ex-boyfriend..

    I hope you start feeling better and things turn around for you next year! You can always PM me if you want to talk or vent about anything.


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