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    So I'm looking to go uni next year to study computer science, but I'm torn between these three universities. Do you guys have any advice? Like, will going to one make me more likely to get a better job/placement (assuming I work just as hard).

    So far my person opinions are:

    Pros- Lovely and friendly campus (probably had my favorite campus out of the three), nice dorms, and a lot of bands come to play there
    Cons- Far away/pain to get to (it's nearly 200 miles away, and to get a train there I'd need to have like 3 changes as well as a couple of changes on the London underground), and I don't know a single person going there

    Pros: also had a really nice campus, has the lowest grade boundaries (ABC for me), also had really nice dorms and is the perfect distance away, I also know a couple of people going there (no one I'm too close with now, they're the kind of people we probably won't keep in touch after sixth form unless we go to the same uni, but it would be cool to keep in touch with them)
    Cons: Very isolated- heard the music scene isn't great to say the least, and extremely sporty, whilst some of my closest friends are athletes, I'm not really into playing sports myself and with the majority of people there being jocks with muscles bigger then my head, I'd feel a little left out

    Pros: close to London meaning it would have a great nightlife and music scene-especially good if I end up starting my own band, close to home and my closest friends are staying fairly local (but I'd probably keep in touch with them no matter what)
    Cons: campus didn't seem as friendly as Loughborough or UEA, little too close to home so won't really get a chance to experience anything new, I also didn't really like the dorm rooms, and my interviewer for Surrey wasn't too nice (after calling my name he whispered to some of the helpers how I had a stupid name without noticing my standing behind him)

    So I'd really appreciate if anyone could possibly give their opinions, maybe I'm being a little too harsh on Surrey (as originally the only reason I applied there was because my parents made me) because I'm literally can't concentrate at all which isn't too helpful with exams coming up...

    My brother actually goes to Loughborough, and the view that everyone there has a six-pack and lives in the gym is far from the truth. Don't think of sport as a requirement to join the uni, think of it as a bonus - if you ever want to learn some MMA, do Archery, play football or something, you will have fantastic resources to do it on. If you don't, I'm sure you'll find plenty of people who share the same interests as you.

    If I remember correctly, Surrey has great financial advantages over many other universities (something like London funding for a uni that doesn't have London prices?), and don't let one bad experience spoil it for you. But then again, joining Uni is a stressful moment and the last thing you'd want is to have doubts over whether you should have gone somewhere else....

    UEA seems like the middle of the pack for you - you'll have the independence and you like the campus, plus a lot of bands come there, but unlike anywhere else, you won't know anyone there and it's far away from family.

    You know, I don't think I'm actually helping you But the truth is, only you can make the correct decision. There's no point in joining a uni that's 2 places higher on one kind of a national league table, if another university suits you better personally. Think of what matters to you the most, and pick the uni that suits that requirement best.
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