Forced subject dropping? [Long read but need advice]

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Hi guys.

I'm currently in class 10 and am going to sit for my O levels in May. Up until February I had 8 subjects and one of them included ICT. Before going on my Winter vacation, our ICT sir had given us a worksheet that involved all students to copy ~10 PDFs each having up to 80 slides, doing a lot of lab work, copying the end-of-chapter checklist from our ICT books and some other stuff. Most of the things were quite easy. Our teacher divided the work into two, the first submission deadline was 20th Jan and the second one was to be submitted by the first of Feb. At the bottom of the sheet it said failure to submit the work will mean we won't be able to qualify for our ICT O level exams.

So during the vacation I did all of work one and submitted everything in full. Unfortunately I did not finish work 2 on time but so didn't the rest of the class. So sir extended the date till around the 20th Feb. That's when our mocks were to start.So like everyone else, I submitted what I thought was everything of work 2. I was happy and dandy. I came home from school and my dad told me he got a call from my ICT teacher. He said I won't be able to qualify for my exams. I called a friend of mine to check if everything was in order and I found out that I had missed around 3 PDFs due to my teacher very vaguely stating all the tasks.

For example , one of the tasks were written like this:
-Networks; Chapter 9 checklists Internet; Chapter 9 checklists

Now what sir meant is that I'm to write out the end of chapter checklist from chapter 9 in my ICT book and copy two PDFs out, Networks and Intermet, on an A4 paper. Now sir writing out chapter 9 twice is already very confusing, but get this. Chapter 9 from my book is ACTUALLY called "Communications, Networks and the Internet". So I was led to believe I was to only do Chapter 9 from my book and not copy out the 160 word PDFs.I just didn't understand why couldn't add two tasks on two separate bullet points instead of writing it the way he did.

And he did the same vague thing in other areas which made me realize I had missed 3 or so PDFs.I attempted to do all of them overnight but because I had mock exams the very next day, I could only do so much. I did manage to do all of it but I missed chunks of information.The next day I went to sir, and he was in his lab room. I gave him my things and he said he will check them In front of me. It didn't take long as he doesn't actually check the work, he just ticks the bottom of the pages and skims through the headings to make sure we have done the work properly. But obviously it didn't take too long for him to realize my 5 page work that claimed to have the information of a 160 page PDF had tons of missing information.

He immediately just turned to the back and said I'm not "Qualifyable for my ICT exams". I asked sir why he's forcing me to drop an entire subject based on me not being able to copy a couple of PDFs. He didn't answer my question. After nagging him for a while he checked my status on the work on his PC and claimed I had also not done any computer work, which was absolutely wrong. I got pretty annoyed and told sir it was done, and requested him to check the computers. He refused and demanded I leave his lab room.

After going back and fourth he said he'll check it. So he opened up his computer, finds ALL my computer work and says "oh."At that point I thought he'll allow me to sit for my O levels. But no. Now he said because I didn't finish the last 3 PDFs properly, I was to drop ICT. I couldn't really accept this as a valid reason as I have never done bad in ICT. I had gotten a B (~80) on my ICT exams in my half yearlys and before that I got an A in my finals. I never got a mark below 75. Note, all the other work was properly done.

At last my sir threatened to ban me from ever entering the ICT labs in my school, so at this point I knew haggling sir was no use. Keep in mind our ICT sir has a really bad rep in our school for being extremely unprofessional and being a bully. He harasses students on a personal level if they do anything he doesn't like. He often shames them in front of other students to get a reaction out of everyone, something like what a bully would do in front of a crowd. At that moment, there were other students in the lab room so I did was was best for me and quietly left the room.

After giving my mock exams on the day, I went home and told my parents about this whole fiasco and they agreed to confront our schools' admin.Long story short my teachers explanation of dropping me from ICT was that he determined I was a bad performer in ICT and never did well, which is so wrong I actually found it hilarious. It almost seems as if my teacher was trying his best to make sure I don't sit for my exams, by making up any excuse possible.

Fast forward to a few days ago. Me and my friends were hanging out and he asked me how my ICT exams went. I told him I don't even have the subject anymore and he seemed extremely surprised. He asked why and I told him sir forced me to drop it because I didn't do a bit of work from work 2. He thought I was joking but I was extremely confused. He then told me he never even submitted his second half of the work and only gave in his first work.He also told me many other students who currently has ICT barely did any work and they got a free pass. Also, many students were in my same situation and were forced by our teacher to drop ICT.

I currently have no idea what to do. At this point it's clear that sir literally chose students at random to drop ICT. He just closed his eyes and picked whoever he liked to drop ICT. Apart from being a very aggressive teacher, he also thinks dropping whole subjects is something you can do on a whim. I can't take this up to my other teachers as it's very unlikely they'll do anything in my favour. I just don't understand how the ability to copy a couple of PDFs can determine whether or not I should be able to sit for my O levels.

I need advice on what I should do. I feel cheated and this is just plain injustice. I really did enjoy ICT a lot and hoped to focus my career behind it. I know I can retake it for my A levels, but I don't know. Maybe I'm making a big issue out of this but I was really hoping to have an extra curricular subject apart from my usual science subjects.I know this is a long read but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Take the complaint to the highest level possible. Headteacher.

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