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The reason I'm making this thread is to see others opinions on what I'm about to explain. I apologise if this thread is in the wrong category before hand.

Basically, I'm currently studying at a sixth form in which I'm under threat of being kicked out. I have a meetings with my parents and the head of sixth form as well as my subject teachers about my place in sixth form. I only have around 3 months before I'm finished anyway and they are debating on kicking me out?

The reason that this is happening is because I fall behind on work frequently, that's not me saying I don't get the work done, because I do, it's because I'm sort of lazy and easily distracted.

It's got to the point where the head of sixth form
has become sick of me and now wants me gone. She has spoke to my subject teachers who have all told her that I am behind in their coursework which is true. However, I am only partly behind and could easily catch up in less than a week if they give me a chance which they aren't. The only problem I have is my ICT teacher is telling the head of sixth form that I am behind when I'm not. I've handed in my unit and it's been on he desk for around 3 weeks but she never marks it, she just f*cks out the room, comes back at the end, and tells me I need to hand in my unit WHICH I HAVE DONE.

My attendance has been above 97% throughout high school but I must admit, I have let it slip in sixth form. last year was around 92% and this year is currently at 89%.

What can I do? Do you think they will kick me out with only 3 months to go? Should I start applying for a different college now?

Sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes I have made, I haven't had enough time to check over as I'm currently in work on my break. Also, I'm 17 years old if it makes a difference in terms of what age I must be to apply for a college.
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I don't think they will just kick you out, unless you'll continue falling behind that is.

Note; I think you will need to be 18 or 19 years old at the beginning of your course at college to have to pay the fee.


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