Learning the entire course without a teacher, in 11 weeks?

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Ok. I think I'm messed.

Can you learn the AQA GCSE Computer science theory in 11 weeks, on your own?

You see, I'm a year 11 student, whose exams start in roughly 8 weeks. My comp sci exam is in 11. I'm not going to completely blame my school, as TBH, it is my fault somewhat, but our computer science class is having to learn the entire 2 year course, in a year.

I'll tell you how we got here.

In year 10 we started the course, and the idea was that we'd have 3 lessons of coursework to 1 lesson of theory. That got thrown out in a few weeks, and we became exclusively focused on coursework. We chose the Web task for some stupid reason, the hardest one. We went through 2 languages, niether right for the task. So we wasted a year on that. It was made worse by the scare our teacher had over helping us too much - which he wasn't - which made him completely take his hands off the class.

So that teacher came down seriously ill over the summer hols and we ended up with a teacher who is trying her best, and is doing very well to help us. We are currently building the web one, and I've built both tasks, and am currently writing up.

However, I am only 11 chapters through the student book. There are 26. I am starting to stress, and I need help learning the course. My current strategy is to go through each chapter, to create a condensed set of course notes. I am then going to use these to revise for the exam. It takes me 1-2 hours for each chapter, and I'm worried I might not have enough time to properly revise it all.

Some may say, eh, just take the bad grade. I don't want to do that as I am aiming for a very exclusive University and haven't taken a language. I understand A-levels are the key really, but GCSEs show a string work ethic.

Am I doing good? Can I do better? How do you guys revise the course?
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You seem to be doing quite well, our class is doing the course over 1 year as well. You seem to be doing fine, and my advice would be to keep focusing entirely on the coursework in lessons, and use TeachICT as a resource instead of/as well as your student book. It summarises much better than most books I've come across and is easily understandable.

When we had our mocks in December, we hadn't covered any theory and our teacher basically gave us a book a couple of weeks before the exam and said to have a go so that we knew how difficult the exam would be. I used TeachICT exclusively and my friend used the book, and I managed to get an A, and he got a B. You seem to be on track, and if you're willing to devote quite a lot of time outside of school, you'll be fine. Good luck!

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