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Stray Cat with fleas watch

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    So I did a post a while ago about a possible pregnant stray cat being in my back garden all day/night. I feed her and spend time with her whenever I can. Me and my family have grown to love her and want to take her in but can't due to living in a rented house where pets aren't allowed. She is still here but I found out she's got fleas but she isn't pregnant which is a relief. She had flea spots before which have now mostly gone but she has blisters that bleed sometimes. We can't afford to take her to a vet but give her flea tablets and the fleas are dying but what about the blisters? When will they go and allow her skin to heal? I'm getting really worried for her, she could die and we'd be devastated. If only the stupid landlord allowed pets then she could live with us and heal quicker but that's not possible unless we pay a £1000 fine or buy a house of our own but neither are possible as we are a low income family. Is there anything else I can do to help the poor cat?

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    There's plenty of small things tthatyou could do which to the cat could make a world of ddifference, for example feeding her will give her the energy to heal and fight any Iinfection, you could makeher a space to stay Iin your garden I did somethingdsimilarwith my old cat who prefered to live outside we got an old wooden box put it on its side and cut a hole in it filled the box with blankets, this ment he was warm out the wind and dry, its own little home. Depending on how friendly she Isand Iif she is dirty you could try and clean around the blisters but be sure not to pop them.
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