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I'm midway into my second year studying Mathematics, and so far I haven't been enjoying it at all. Without enjoying the course, I lack the motivation to study properly therefore do well in my exams, also I find the content really tough. I regret not changing after my first year but I felt I hadn't worked as a hard as I should've because I was going out a lot, so although I scraped through I thought I could keep my head down and really do well. Now my situation is that I want to change course and move university but I don't want to go back to the beginning and pay fees out my own pocket. I do a minor in management so I'd like to change the course to management or half maths half management (because I do enjoy management) but I wanna know if this would be possible to do from second year somewhere else. Also this course I currently do is very stats based which brings my grades down and the more modules I could do in management the better my overall grade would be.
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You're best to contact your tutors to see if you can change- doing elements of management strengthens your case to change, but you;ll have to prove you have the ability and motivation. The earlier you tell someone you want to change the better your chances are, so I'd get in touch with the relevant people- do you have a tutor, or contact details for the head of the course?

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