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I'm a non Muslim and I don't see why the UK becoming Islamic is bad watch

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    (Original post by KimKallstrom)
    Well al_94, sorry I mean "Oliver_94", you should know how countries with near-completely Muslim populations treat atheists like yourself. So you're either a troll or a cuckhold lol. Pick one.

    Though given that the poster I strongly suspect you actually are - al_94 - once posted a video on here from Al Qaeda's ex media propoganda officer espousing the benefits of a caliphate, it's insurprising you've made this thread.
    (Someone actually makes a valid point and argument so what does kimKallstrom do? He mocks and shouts troll)

    ...stay classy

    (Original post by Biryani007)
    Sharon law is very dangerous...there'll be an influx of muslamic ray guns on british streets. If you are struck down by one you start speaking muslim and your skin colour becomes islamic :eek:

    You wouldn't want that :afraid:
    sharon law!!!!!!!!!!

    (Original post by Oliver_94)
    (Someone actually makes a valid point and argument so what does kimKallstrom do? He mocks and shouts troll)

    ...stay classy
    KimKallstrom has nothing to do with mocks and shouts troll

    "Grow up"

    The unfairness to women. Also the lack of respect for other beliefs. You as an atheist would be forced to adhere to their religion; especially if we were under Islamic state, zealots would have the authority to make us practise their religion. You state their code of ethics, but isn't that endorsed already by modern society? And if people fail to subscribe, then that's a sign of their lack of morality or mental capacity. The only way I can see an Islamic state changing their minds is, once again, forcefully. I haven't read the Quran myself, or any other religious text, but I think it should be clear to an atheist (someone who's renounced theism for lack of evidence?) that to switch from our current governance to another run by scripture many years old, touting, yes, some good things like you mentioned that I would like to think we can practise without fear imposed by religion, but also clearly unfounded, ridiculous stuff, like if you don't believe in god, like any sane, rational man, you will feel his wrath: by a man who is supposed to be all-kind, forgiving, etc.?

    Listen to Hitchins if you need more convincing. My reply is very religion-orientated but that was the major objection that came to my mind after entertaining the thought of an Islamic law. Sorry if my hunch is wrong...

    (Original post by Plantagenet Crown)
    Muslim troll masquerading as a non-Muslim/10
    Oh, you mean like the atheists who turn on anon to masquerade as Muslims/10 ?


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