UCL v/s UCLA v/s University of Toronto for Pharmacology/Molecular Biology? Watch

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I am an international student (from India). I got an offer from UCL for Biomedical Sciences (but I wish to transfer to Pharmacology after Year 1). I also have an offer from U of T for Pharmacology. I also got into UCLA for Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology.

My questions are:

1) Which university has more international reputation?

2) Which university has better prospects worldwide (in terms of employment)?

3) What is the university experience like for each of them?

4) Which course is better in terms of job prospects?

Also, if anyone has transferred from BiomedSci to Pharmacology, can they please tell me what the process was like, how competitive it was, what hurdles you had to cross, what the prerequisites are, etc...

Please note that I am currently unsure about whether or not I want to attend medical school or not. If so, I would like to attend it in USA/Canada... so both regarding and disregarding that, which option do you think will be better?

All help will be very appreciated!

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