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My girlfriend's mum doesn't really like me much? watch

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    I've been with my girlfriend for about 6 months now and like every relationship we have our arguments and fall outs, maybe over the same things which is abit of a problem but we always manage to sort things out.

    The thing is we had an argument last night after a night out when we both went drinking. She couldn't get home due to her mum going out herself and she couldn't stop at her friends house because she had work early next morning so I said she could stop at mine. Anyways she was going in her phone and started hiding it from me which she never does and I questioned her and she started having a full blown argument with me saying she wanted to go home and be with her mum. Obviously I cared about her safety and she was going to try get bus home as there was no taxis but it means she would've had to get two buses at midnight on her self and I didn't want her getting hurt. Eventually she did come to mine and we was up half the night talking about our problems and she was kind of drunk and she's apologised for what she said in the morning and that she didn't mean it. But one thing she mentioned was that her mum didn't really like me much.

    When I asked her this morning she said that she does like me but she thinks I hold my girlfriend back from doing many stuff and that I'm too obsessive and that I'm always with her. And she's said before that her mum thinks I've got no motivation or goals in life. It's just abit hurtful to hear really because I love her mum to bits and I've always respected her and been polite with her. She only loves with her mum and they both are so close as she's the only child and they've been through some terrible things.

    I just want to make her mum like me? I feel hurt by the comments. What shall I do?

    Seduce her and have a threesome.
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    Be yourself.

    No matter who she is with, some parents will always find fault. They want a better life for their children than they had, which is where your motivation should come from. i.e. To give both of you a better life and strive to make life better with a solid future.

    As long as you always treat your girlfriend with respect, show her kindness with love and make her happy, then that's all that matters.....for now. But keep yourself focussed on that long term future, deliver, and I promise she will warm to you. But you have to prove yourself first.

    don't be so obsessive over your girlfriend....and act like you have some goals lol but jk be yourself and she will learn to accept you. but srsly don't be obsessive over ur gf otherwise ur gf may get fed up and dump you one day

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