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Do you think he likes me and how do I say hi watch

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    Okay, here is some background story. When I go to school, there's this boy I see on the bus everyday and he is in the year above me(year 12). He added me on snapchat and we started talking. He asked loads of questions like, if I was a virgin, when the last time I had a boyfriend and my GCSE options???

    Then we stopped talking.

    A few months later, I saw him on the bus before school and then he popped up to me on snapchat asking why I didn't say hi to him even though I knew he was there, I was just shy. I then asked him why he didn't say hi and he said I didn't give him eye contact. I then said I'll say hi next time.

    Next time I saw him but didn't say hi and he kept glancing at me and I kept glancing at him but neither of us would say hi.

    Urgh I don't know what to do next time! Do you think he likes me and do you think I should say hi or wait for him to say hi first????

    Thanks for reading this lol

    don't catch feelings too quickly ! You don't know if he just wants to be friends with you so he has someone to talk to while he's on the bus or if he actually likes you , Ild say to overcome your shyness and just say hi or even smile at him Ik it's easier said than done but if you think about it he won't judge you or think of you badly if you do say hi so just say it, then you can talk more get to know him more ect but don't fall too quickly !! Don't let yourself think he likes you you might get hurt if he doesn't right now you're just imagining things or hoping x

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    (Original post by funky23)
    He asked loads of questions like, if I was a virgin, when the last time I had a boyfriend and my GCSE options???
    stay away from him you don't ask that kinda question that early omg

    i think he's a fuuuuuuuuccccccccccboi but i could be wrong

    jus wait fam, talk to him on sc more n more if you cant talk irl

    Go up to him and say hi. Case closed

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