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My Girlfriend went to the cinema with another guy watch

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    Hi Everyone,So i realise this is going to come off as a really jealous boyfriend and i'm really trying not to be that guy. But last night my girlfriend went to the cinema with another guy and it has really gotten to me.We've been together for a few months and shes gone back home for Easter break, so its turned into long distance again, shes from abroad. And i knew she was going to the cinema tonight, i just didn't know who and didn't give it much thought, only that i was jealous that she was going to see the new Deadpool and i've yet to watch it lol.Anyway, she calls me when she gets back before bed like usual and proceeds to tell me about her and her friend going to the cinema etc giving no indication about the gender of this friend. It wasn't until she mentioned talking in his car for a while after the film when he drove her back did I find out it was a guy she went to the cinema with.Now i cant shake the feeling of not being comfortable with the whole thing. I know i cant choose who my girlfriend hangs out with and should be comfortable with her hanging out with guys and girls. but just the fact it was to the cinema, which to me is quite a intimate setting, e.g. dark, just them two etc. and then sat in the car for a while talking when she got back i just cant swallow. As soon as she said sat in the car and talked she mentioned because you cant really catch up with a friend in the cinema which is fair enough.Anyway, am i overthinking this and my insecurity taking over? How do you guys feel about your girlfriends going to the cinema with a guy?Cheers

    Seems like you're overthinking it. If you don't trust her then why are you even in a relationship with her?

    I'd be pissed if my bf did that and would never do that to him... but then we don't really have close friends of the opposite sex. Just depends whether you trust her or not..

    has she ever spoken about this friend before? I wouldn't worry too much but if she has it's probably someone she's been friends with before you were together and there's not much you can do, but if he's a fairly new friend and she hasn't mentioned him i'd probably be quite jealous too. I doubt there's anything to worry about if you trust her though
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    To be honest I get what you mean.

    I was "seeing" a girl at the time (so not official, make of that what you will) and she decided to go to a typical date hotspot (Botanical Gardens) with a guy she met at Uni ("as friends"). I felt rather uneasy about it, but if you just let it happen, and thus don't come across as "jealous" and all that crap, I'm sure you'll be fine.

    I decided to make a problem out of it, and we almost broke up over it - it was silly really.

    I guess that if you're OK with it, if have any girl-friends you can go and socialise with them too. equality.. right?
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