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I am an independent student from Kazakhstan and I have graduated from American school. However my long term dream and goal was to study in England. So I wanted to apply with my Advanced Placement grades but they are not admitted by many English universities. So I thought about taking A Levels. I have only recently became interested by its structure but I still have questions.
How is an overall grade counted in A levels. Is it your AS level grades and A2 level grades right? I love science and I wanted to take A2 level exams in bio and chem. Can I sit only Advanced (A2) level exams without AS or that wouldn't count?
I have looked at the past papers and I think its possible for me to get As. Or can I take both AS and A2 level exams in one year? I don't know what to do. I studied science for years in high school and I want to prove it. I can manage to take both, but do people have to do coursework ? Would the grade be evaluated if I don't do them? SO please help! Thank you in advance!
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There are various exam boards and they will each use slightly different structures. The specification explaining the structure of the A level, what exams you do etc can be found on exam board websites. I suggest you use the CIE exam board because it is much less complicated for international students. http://www.cie.org.uk/programmes-and...vels/subjects/

You can do the full A level (sometimes known as AS and A2) in the same year if you want to.

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