Edexcel Biology, Chemistry and Psychology?

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Hey everybody. I am an international student who would like to write AS & A level exams privately in order to make admission processes easier in UK universities (i.e. if I have a chance to follow my dreams).
So I just finished my grade 10 in a national board, and would like to homeschool/online school myself in the UK board for my last two years of high school (i guess that would be equivalent to sixth form in the UK). I would probably also write my national board exams to make things easier in college admissions, if I end up studying in my homeland.
After doing a bit of researching, I found out that my country does CIE and Edexcel private exams. I am learning more towards doing Edexcel exams in BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, PSYCHOLOGY and maybe ENGLISH.
Being a clueless student, I have some doubts.
1)How many units are taken for each of the above mentioned subjects?
2) How exactly are the papers set?
3) Is there any aid (like past papers, online tutoring, online websites etc) provided for the students to prepare for the exams?
4)How is the level of difficulty?
5)How friendly are the textbooks?

I am not quite sure about how all of these goes, but in the application form, these were the units given for the specific subjects.

(Pls note: all of these are for edexcel exams)

GCE syllabus
 6BI01: Lifestyle, Transport, Genes and Health
 6BI02: Development, Plants and the Environment
 6BI04: The Natural Environment and Species Survival
 6BI05: Energy, Exercise and Co-ordination
(GCE syllabus)
 AS 8BI01: (6BI01, 6BI02, 6BI03)
 A 9BI01: (6BI01, 6BI02, 6BI03,
6BI04, 6BI05, 6BI06)

GCE syllabus
 6CH01: The Core Principles of Chemistry
 6CH02: Application of Core Principles of Chemistry
 6CH04: General Principles of Chemistry I: Rates,
Equilibria and Further Organic Chemistry
 6CH05: General Principles of Chemistry II : Transition
Metals and Organic Nitrogen Chemistry
(GCE syllabus)
 AS 8CH01: (6CH01, 6CH02,
 A 9CH01: (6CH01, 6CH02,
6CH03, 6CH04, 6CH05 and 6CH06)

GCE syllabus
 6PS01: Social and Cognitive Psychology
 6PS02: Understanding the Individual
 6PS03: Applications of Psychology
 6PS04: How Psychology Works
(GCE syllabus)
 AS: 8PS01: (6PS01, 6PS02)
 A: 9PS01: (6PS01, 6PS02,6PS03
and 6PS04)

Are these the same units taken by the ones writing the exams in other countries? And if so, are there only the above mentioned units or am i missing out on something?
And how would you say that the practicals are for Edexcel board?

Just as a side note, I am leaning towards doing neuroscience/medicine in universities like UCL, KCL etc. Will these subjects be OK?

I hope there are some kindhearted souls here who would like to answer my doubts. :P . Thanks for taking the time to read all written above, and I hope someone helps me out!
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Information on number of units will be available in the A level specification, these can be found on the exam board website. Past papers are also available on exam board websites, and you can buy more on Amazon. There all sorts of free learning resources on this website (top of screen under A level) and on YouTube, but you could also pay a distance learning company for bit of extra support if you wanted to. Those subjects are fine for medicine.

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