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    Anyone completed the course? - How did you find it?
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    I've completed it on the treadmill in the past but found I couldn't run for 30 minutes irl and went back to my unhealthy habits

    It was VERY difficult

    I'm hoping to start it soon. The past two weeks I've been doing 30-minute fast walks as preparation. My aerobic fitness is not terrible as I swim several times a week, alongside cycling, but my legs and feet are not very strong or flexible due to very flat arches and tight calves/hamstrings. So I've been doing some walking, and trying to make sure I do plenty of stretching too. I managed to do a few jogging stints on my last two walks without too many problems, so hopefully I'll be ready to start Couch 2 5k proper soon.

    Yeah did it in one day.... Skipped the pointless days of walking and running for a couple of minutes and just ran 5k. It's not hard.

    I have done it in the past and found it very achievable despite being obese at the time. I liked the podcast version the best. It is a very well planned course and easy to make progress each week. I would highly recommend it.

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    It was too slow for me. I've tried it for years but could never complete it purely because it just took so damn long.

    I found my own method to be more successful. Might be a little confusing to understand but believe me when I say I learnt to jog 5k in about a week using this method.

    1. Install an app like Cardio Trainer or Map My Run. (I used both but I prefer MMR)

    2. Turn on your location > start the app > start walking fast/borderline jogging.
    Stick to about 4 or 5mph. (On Map My Run that shows as 12-15 minutes per mile. 4mph is 15 minutes per mile, 5mph is 12 minutes. You get used to it quickly.) The more unfit you are, the closer to 4mph you might jog. Anything less than 4mph is basically walking.

    3a. Jog for as long as you can. I only lasted 5 minutes when I first did this. While you're jogging inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. If you need to distract yourself listen to your music and focus on your breathing.
    b. When you need to stop, start walking and continue breathing. Inhale through nose, exhale through mouth. Keep walking though - don't stop moving - you don't want to go too far back into your comfort zone.
    c. Start jogging again when you're ready. This time run for the same amount of time you were just running for, but add a few more minutes if you can. And you can. Your progression here is mostly psychological.
    d. My [real life] example:
    Round 1 - 5 minute jog at 4.5mph
    Break - Walk until I catch my breath. About 3 minutes maybe? Not too fussed about timing here.
    Round 2 - 8 minute jog at 4.5mph.

    4. Do it for about 30 minutes or an hour. I think I only did it for 30 minutes until I started running for 15+ minutes without a break.

    5. Next day:
    a. Using my example, hit your previous day's initial result (e.g. my 5 minutes) then add 2 minutes. Have you hit your new 7 minute goal? Carry on for another minute.
    b. Have you now jogged for 8 minutes? Take a break.
    c. When you're ready again hit your new 8 minute goal. Add an extra 2 minutes.
    d. Reached 10 minutes? Take a break and the continue as you would or stop completely. If you've hit 10 minutes then you're fine to leave it for the day - you just doubled yesterday's result.

    6. Next day. Same thing as yesterday. Add a few more minutes.

    If I used the word "run" it was probably by habit. If it's not obvious, I meant jog.

    The biggest thing about my method is that unlike C25K your breaks are as long as you need them to be. I don't stress about those whereas C25K does. With C25K there's too much pressure on reducing your breaks while you increase your runs. That makes me panic more than I'd like to admit. With my method all the pressure is on pushing yourself those extra few minutes after you hit your previous goal. And it's really easy. The progress is mostly psychological, I think. Within a week I went from running 5 minutes to 30 minutes. I just simply took a break when I needed it tried to push myself to run for one minute extra.

    I have zero self-discipline, very little motivation, and I give up on things way too easily, and I'm pretty ****ing lazy when it comes to progressing in things, but somehow this worked. The only real effort is remembering to breathe continuously and adding those extra few minutes once you reach your goal.

    I did it with a friend of mine. It really does depend on what you like your pace to be. But I found that a scenic route and good company made it very enjoyable and achievable. Plus when you do it with someone else it's easier to stay on target coz you motivate each other. And you can really feel how much of an achievement each milestone is too.
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    Ran it from about the mid point of the programme to the end. It's fine, it just requires some dedication
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