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I am doing the Edexcel GCSE History course and I am sitting the exam this June (2016). Does anyone have any revision tips? I always find that when I look at my textbook I just feel overwhelmed and I end up doing another subject. I don't find that writing notes work and I am not very good at making notes because I end up thinking that a whole paragraph is important so I just copy the whole thing out. If anyone has any tips they would be much appreciated.

I am doing the topics:
Unit 1
International relations: The era of the Cold War, 1943-1991
Unit 2C
The USA, 1919-1941
Unit 3B
War and the transformation of British society, 1931-1951
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I did AQA GCSE History last year and the only common topic I have with you is Cold War but generally I can give you some tips

Looking at your textbook isn't working for you: so break up the topic into chunks or themes. A lot of things happen in the Cold War, and it may be useful for you to make a timeline and have little arrows from each event which describe the effects etc.

If your other topics (USA or Britain) are a bit more thematic, then try doing spider diagrams. Keep it simple: a lot of the GCSE is just relies on you learning facts such as factors and causes, and then putting them into an essay! If you're still struggling, ask your teacher for some practice essay questions.. writing the actual essay may take a long time, but if you plan it, hopefully you'll see which points are the right ones to make, and what facts you can use (and learn) to back up your points.

Hope I've been helpful - good luck!

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