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I have a reaction that produces two products. Now given that it can have two values of Vmax, it certainly cant have two values of km can it? because km is the substrates affinity for the enzyme and is independent of the products being produced? Secondly, once you work out the km of the reaction, and have the concentration of substrate required in order to achieve half the maximum velocity of the reaction ( vmax), would it be correct to input the values of concentrations of substrates and the initial rates of the reaction which are BELOW THE KM (since [S]<<Km, the rate of reaction is second order overall and first order w.r.t. [S]) into the following equation:
V=K[E]o[S]. However, after doing this, I get a pattern of decreasing rate constant values over increasing rate of reaction? Why am i getting this? Is it because of temperature? Maybe the temperature is decreasing over different substrate concentrations? IM SO CONFUSED?

Please help me

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