Why do hormones have a longer duration of effect? Watch

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I seem to remember its because of filtering in kidneys.
Do the hormones pass into the nephron and get reabsorbed - or do they just remain in the blood because they are too large to pass through?
Thanks if you can help with this.
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Hey, if you're talking about why hormones have a longer-lasting effect than nerve impulses, it's because they are released into the blood and have a slower, more widespread effect on the body. They are carried around the whole body and have to travel at the speed of blood, not the speed of an electrical impulse along a cell (which is much faster than blood). Their mode of action is slower too. Their effect is more widespread because they often have more than one target tissue and affect multiple organs to produce a coordinated response, instead of a nerve impulse which targets a specific effector. I I don't know if hormones generally remain in the blood because there are things like hCG which can be used to test for pregnancy? So some hormones can definitely be found in urine. Basically hormones remain in the blood until their half life is up - until they are degraded or excreted - and this can last for 5 minute, 10 minutes, a couple of hours, it depends on the hormone.
Not sure if this helps! You could always look through your exam board's past papers and try to find a question along these lines, then look at the markscheme and see what they want to you say? I always find that helps

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